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The Four Princes and the Semal Tree

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Reading this story reminds me that although outer appearances will change, what matters for me is the grace, love, and teachings of the Guru. These will never change.

Washington, USA

This story is making me even more aware and appreciative of the striking beauty I see in nature at this time of year. I’m delighting especially in the soft, light-green leaves on the trees as they are appearing and transforming before my eyes.
The depiction of nature’s constant cycle of growth and transformation in the story reminds me that I too am growing and transforming—and yet, at my core, I’m the same as I’ve always been. It’s wonderful to remember that my own true nature hasn’t changed. No matter what the season may be, I can return to it and count on it.

Ohio, USA

This story is such a beautiful way to communicate the important message that, despite our outward differences, the same Self dwells in all of us.
I am looking forward to sharing this story with my six-year-old son tonight at bedtime. He's always excited to listen to new stories.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this wonderful story and for your everlasting love.

Pune, India

This story reminds me that we each have our own unique perspective, vantage point, and experience-- even when it seems that we are all seeing or doing the same thing. I was inspired that the princes assumed their brothers were telling the truth and there must be some other explanation for why they had such different perceptions. I want to remember these reflections to help me consider other people's perspectives with more respect and awareness. 

Minnesota, USA