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As Fate Would Have It

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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There are moments in my life when I feel like Emilio, wishing to escape challenging circumstances.
Recalling Helena’s advice, “The way out is through, Emilio,” I feel encouraged to perform my duties with unbreakable focus for the benefit of all, and to trust that everything that is happening is perfect.
The drum, played by Emilio in the end of the story, represents for me the power of the breath and the mantra—the unshakable constancy that supports me in my sadhana.
After reading the story I sat to meditate with even more eagerness, honoring my discipline. I listened with curiosity to the rhythm of my breath, as if the inhalation and exhalation were the beats guiding me to “go there, don’t know where.”
 I, too, don’t know exactly where “there” is, but I know with certainty that it is a place of peace and resolution.

Oregon, United States

What a beautiful story! It sets such a good example for how to approach situations when we are in difficulties. The farmer Emilio just worked and worked and worked, focused on the present. And when he could go on no longer, he sought the wisdom of the wise woman; following her advice, he becomes That.
This story has been a gift of sweetness and trust for my heart and my mind.

Barcelona, Spain

For me, this story is an analogy for life on the spiritual path. At first, I am attached to life's possessions and experiences. On the long walk through the forest, seeking the Truth, I finally find the wise woman, the Guru, who imparts the spiritual practices, represented by a drum.
I know now that following the Guru’s direction will lead me, like Emilio, to the Truth and the experience of liberation. I have faith that, merged with the Self, I will transcend my limitations and find fulfillment. I am so grateful for the many ways through which Gurumayi helps us understand and know the Truth.

Idaho, United States

This story was beautifully rendered and exquisitely narrated. As I listened to it, I could picture all the scenes, and at the end I was deep in silence. The teaching for me is to focus on that which is in front of me and to give myself fully to it.

Reflecting on how I receive guidance from Shri Guru at every step through these stories and so many other learning tools brought a smile to my face.

Mumbai, India

Through this story, I understood that the nature of the mind is to seek pleasure through the senses and become attached to outer objects. Yet when Emilio began beating the drum, he became suffused with its powerful sound and lost his false identification with his possessions. I saw that once he found the source of real joy within himself, the outer instrument was no longer needed.
Similarly, the practice of Siddha Yoga chanting brings the focus of my mind inward, and I find myself bathing in deep silence. I experience the joy that resides within me. For me, this joy is free of doubts and thoughts, free of outer circumstances, objects, and the world around me.
I now have a deeper appreciation of the power of Siddha Yoga music and chanting to lead me to the Self.

Sydney, Australia