In Celebration of Akshaya Tritiya

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

About Morgan Hooper

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Morgan began following the Siddha Yoga path in 2006, and served on staff in the SYDA Foundation from 2009 to 2011. He has offered seva in many roles, including as a speaker, storyteller, and director for teaching and learning events. Morgan currently offers seva from home as a writer and speaker in the SYDA Foundation Content and Global Teaching and Learning Events Departments.

Morgan is a professional actor and earned a bachelor of fine arts in acting from Long Island University. He lives in San Francisco.

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These words of Lord Krishna stood out for me:  “When one’s duty is performed with love as an offering to God, even the smallest good deed has power to uplift many.” This is a beautiful reminder to me to pay attention to what I’m doing, to stay conscious, to offer whatever I do with love.
I feel inspired by Draupadi’s open, honest example. To me she seems so human in her concern for her family. But instead of letting that concern overwhelm her, she had the presence of mind to offer a heartfelt prayer in her time of need. I will remember her and this beautiful depiction of performing one’s duty with love—and the grace that flows from this.

Massachusetts, USA

What an auspicious reminder: when it seems as if I am facing an impossible situation, my devotion and prayer will lead me to a solution. I know grace is ever present. And even in those moments where I may falter, I need only pause—like Draupadi—and remember this truth.
This story has shown me that one grain of God's benevolent blessing multiplies in the bowl of the seeker who has faith and devotion.

London, United Kingdom

From this inspiring story of the Akshaya Patra, I learn to trust God's abundance—one day at a time. I also observed that by serving others first, there is enough for all.

Washington, USA

This beautiful story reminds me that when I surrender to the Guru with complete faith, I experience that grace is always with me.

Indore, India