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The Shopkeepers and the Accountant

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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When I first read this story, I appreciated the teaching and the poignant way it was portrayed. I see now, however, that I didn’t spend enough time with it. I didn’t take the time to listen to the very beautiful audio version of the story. I was thinking, like the young boy, that reading it once was enough and felt I didn’t have time to do more.

Fortunately, today I was drawn to listen to the story read aloud while I followed the text. What a difference this “repetition” made for me! I’m filled with gratitude and awe now at the story’s depth and see more clearly how it applies to me too—how it sheds light on my own resistance to practice.
So I’ve discovered that I have an enchanting, multimedia presentation that I can turn to again and again and take in more deeply each time I open myself to it! I’m so grateful for the creative ways in which Gurumayi encourages me, this year and always, to be steadfast in my practices.

Kentucky, United States

Each morning before beginning hatha yoga, I repeat Gurumayi’s Message. When I get to the sentence about practicing, such joy arises in my heart. I think it is because I am repeating the practice of repeating the Message! And each day as I begin the practice of reciting Gurumayi’s Message, I feel I am taking the hand of my Siddha Yoga elders, those who have passed and those still here. Just like the boy in the story sitting with the elders, I feel the presence of these great beings. I feel that I am sitting with them, that we practice together across time and space. This sense of unity brings me such deep contentment.

New York, United States

After listening to the story, I felt so much enthusiasm and energy that I wanted to dance. This enjoyment permeated my morning. I observed how positive my thoughts were, how easily my breath flowed, and how hopeful I was feeling.

Even though that state faded, the remembrance of this experience will continue to inspire me.

Oregon, United States

A few days ago, while I was working with the workbook on Gurumayi's Message for 2019, one phrase came up from within, again and again:  "The power of repetition, the power of practice." Since then it has stayed with me, helping me to refresh my enthusiasm for my practices of meditation and mantra japa.
Reading the beautiful story, “Learning the Song,” reaffirms for me the importance of the power of practice, and is a sweet reminder to keep refreshing my love and enthusiasm for my practices. As I review the effects of engaging regularly and repeatedly with the Siddha Yoga practices, I can see that with each repetition, my engagement becomes stronger and stronger. My meditation posture is more steady, my focus in other practices has also increased, and the fruits I’ve been receiving from all these repetitions are immense. The silence in my being after each practice is priceless.
This is the power of practice.

Gurudev Siddha Peeth

Filled with the elders’ compassion and resolution for the young boy, this story illustrates for me the golden importance of practice. With a regular practice, I am confidently walking toward assimilation of the Siddha Yoga teachings. It’s like saving money to buy something—I need to schedule my practice, to save time and space for it.

I have committed myself to repeating So’ham while following the breath, the spiritual practice Gurumayi has given in her Message for 2019. Moments such as those at the beginning and end of the day and at mealtimes are conducive to my practice of So’ham. When I am walking, I feel that this inner practice and physical exercise are supporting each other in harmony. This practice of So’ham in tune with the natural world nourishes my being.

Rodez, France

This exquisite story reminded me that in my very first year on the Siddha Yoga path, I had some extraordinary spiritual experiences. They gave me a sense of connection to God, just like the boy in the story after hearing the divine song line. And I shared his sense of awe and gratitude for this. One of their blessings was to motivate me to establish regular practices of meditation, seva, dakshina, and spiritual study. I knew I was on the right path, and so I naturally longed to nourish that connection. And the teachings made it clear that sustained, repeated practice would be one indispensable ingredient.

Most of those early experiences never repeated themselves exactly. Yet their promise to me has been fulfilled many times over. I know this is because of the daily contributions I have made over the years to my inner “shakti bank account” through my repeated practices.

Illinois, United States

I learned from this story that it is practice that keeps the connection with the “great Creator” alive. How many times have I had a powerful experience that was too soon forgotten in the whirlwind of daily life?! However, I also know that when I am steady with meditation, I can feel that my connection to the “great Creator” is strengthened. Then I experience my everyday life as a beautiful song.

California, United States

What a delightful story to demonstrate the importance of practice. Like the boy in the story, I experience a sweet, warm, divine energy arising in my heart during Shaktipat Intensives, for example. However, I’ve also seen that the energy can be depleted by everyday worries.

Making time for regular meditation and seva gives me a feeling of serenity, clarity, and peace in my hectic life. It is not a matter of forcing myself to do everything all the time, but to stick to a few regular practices. When I do so, I find that the shakti in me grows naturally, and my heart stays open and aware.

Basel, Switzerland

As I read about the boy’s moment of oneness with the world around him, the wind began to blow through the early fall leaves outside my window. I was there with the boy, listening to the breeze with him. Of course he thought he would never forget his beautiful experience!

I recalled being in satsang when I had deep inner experiences of my own oneness with the great Self. For a few days or weeks those experiences would feel so vivid, yet over time they would fade as the demands of work, family, and daily living would override them.

It took me some time to understand that I need consistent practice. I am grateful to be reminded here that by refreshing my connection to the inner Self on a daily basis, I feel strong enough to hold the inner vision while engaged in the challenges of everyday life. Only by listening regularly to the advice and counsel of the sages through the Siddha Yoga teachings, do I feel I am firmly on the spiritual path.

Rhode Island, United States