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Lord Vishnu and the Creation of the Universe

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Yesterday, when I first read this account, I felt that I myself was present—witnessing the creation. My mind was stilled, lost in the flawless silence of the pralaya. Then I awakened to the Lord's delight as he envisioned the immense, enchanting universe he intended to create. I remained enthralled, imagining form after form, swirling forth like a work of art free from all constraint.
Later, as I went about my day, I saw the world with new eyes. Whether finding inspiration in nature, bewilderment at the news, or curiosity about my fellow beings, my mind was drawn again and again to their divine origin. My longing is that this illumined vision remain with me always and in every circumstance.

California, United States

As I woke up this morning, I still felt half asleep, when suddenly I saw myself as full of lights within me, and Lord Vasudeva standing among them. He wore yellow silk clothes—like those of Lord Vishnu’s in this story—and he held a lotus in one hand and a mace in another. What a beautiful synchronicity it was to have this experience in the morning and then to read this story!
I really love that part of this story when Brahma worshiped the Lord and the Lord told him,"You will see me in yourself and throughout the universe, and you will see that you and the entire universe exist in me." With Shri Guru’s grace I am experiencing this each day within me and without.

Allahabad, India

I love this story, for it connects to a pilgrimage I made years ago to visit Gurumayi in Shree Muktananda Ashram. As I approached Gurumayi on the darshan line, she extended her hand, which held a beautiful crystal. "Can you see the light inside?" she asked me. I looked into her eyes and fell into a deep, dark ocean of complete stillness. Nothing else existed around me in that moment. "It's mine," Gurumayi said, smiling.
Through remembrance and the Siddha Yoga practices, I have been carried by that experience and connection to the Truth ever since. We are all immersed in Lord Vishnu's ocean—that sublime infinite ocean of Consciousness within. "It's mine."
With infinite gratitude I am humbled by this gift of grace.

Oregon, United States

As I am immersed in the quiet space of my meditation room, surrounded by nature and God’s creations—beautiful trees and birds and squirrels dashing around—I am reading this story for the second time. I became speechless at the immense power behind the Lord’s creation of this world in which we live and which we so often take for granted.
How blessed I feel to have Gurumayi, Baba Muktananda, Bhagavan Nityananda, and the entire lineage of  Siddhas to awaken us to the presence of God in everything he has created.
This story, retold so beautifully, has left an indelible impression on my mind and one I can reflect on every moment of my day throughout my life.
It is a priceless gem.

Florida, United States

This is such a profound story, and so captivatingly rendered. This reading inspired me to explore more deeply the act of creating worlds that occurs moment to moment.

New York, United States