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Honoring Mahalakshmi

Mahalakshmi and the Boon of True Knowledge

Based on a Classic Tale from India

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I am so deeply touched by this story of “Mahalakshmi and the Boon of True Knowledge.” It recalled for me the following experience.

During my most recent holiday in France, I strolled a lot through beautiful nature. One day I discovered a pathway lined on each side with huge trees. As I walked through this natural promenade, admiring the breathtaking natural scenery and feeling the warm summer wind on my face, a feeling of absolute freedom and happiness took hold of me. Although I had nothing with me, I felt as incredibly rich as a queen.
This experience made me realize that true wealth is an inner feeling that is wholly independent of whether I have material wealth or not.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

Reading the story of Mahalakshmi, the boon giver, reminded me of my infinite nature. And it reminded me that I had forgotten the infinite blessings that have come my way without my even asking for them. I realized that every day is a miracle, when I allow my small mind to rest in the infinite nature of the Absolute.

Florida, United States

This beautiful story reconnected me to many thoughts and feelings about the spiritual path that I had forgotten. It is a very powerful story that makes me reflect once again on the concepts and experience of outer wealth and inner wealth, and how I relate to Mahalakshmi as the representation, and bestower, of abundance.

Mexico City, Mexico

As I read the first half of this story, my mind did its guesswork about the consequences likely to befall Madhava, who focused primarily on the attainment of great material wealth. When the story shifted, taking on a probable transformational ending, my eyes filled with tears of gladness. At that moment, something within me shifted too.
Reading about Madhava’s experience transformed a piece of my own inner puzzle and inspired me to find a meaningful way of being in the world.

New Jersey, United States

I feel Saint Madhava was very persevering. I want to be like him. I also want to worship Mahalakshmi. I felt love and compassion while reading this story.

an eight-year-old from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What an example of perseverance! I reflected on how this story relates to my sadhana.
I perform arati every morning, but after reading this story I was inspired to perform it with greater care, intention, and devotion and to pray to Gurumayi and honor her with the same reverence that Madhava extended to Mahalakshmi.
The next morning I did not change anything in my outer performance of the arati, but on the inside I invoked a more profound feeling of worship. And it was so sweet!
I realized that on the Siddha Yoga path, a slight change in perception and feeling can give rise to a profound experience. I love these subtle changes; they taste like nectar.


Zurich, Switzerland

Reading this story reminded me of an experience with Mahalakshmi that I had in the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center in Los Angeles. In one of the halls, there is a beautiful life-size wooden statue of Mahalakshmi. I was in the hall with my family, and I was worrying about our finances. I turned to Lakshmi, thinking with reproach, “You are meant to be taking care of us.”
Instantly, an infinite field of gleaming, colorful gems stretched out before my eyes. And I heard within me, “It is the inner wealth. It is the inner wealth. It is the inner wealth.” I sank into the profound stillness of my heart.
Now, years later, I weep in gratitude as I realize the blessing of my ever expanding awareness of the Truth. Indeed, my family has never suffered lack in our simple, but inwardly rich, life of sadhana. This is the fruit of Mahalakshmi’s blessing and Gurumayi’s grace.

Sydney, Australia

When I first read this beautiful story, I was surprised to realize how much I had been experiencing Mahalakshmi throughout my day. The first sign was a stunning sunrise that cast a rose-pink glow across the clouds and transformed a rainbow into an astonishing arc of pink light. I knew at the time, this was an auspicious sign.
Later in the day, as I took a walk in the countryside near my home, I was deeply conscious of the beauty in what I was seeing. It was easy to see beauty in the autumn colors of the trees, but today I discovered beauty even in creatures I have previously found unattractive, such as an old crow perched on barbed wire and a brown rat emerging from a stream. 
As I reflected more on this tale about Mahalakshmi, I knew that beauty exists in everything. I understood how my own perception of beauty had deepened and become subtler, thanks to the Siddha Yoga path. And I felt my heart expand with love and gratitude.  

Havant, United Kingdom

O Mahalakshmi,
I chant your name from a palm-leaf manuscript.
The wind sings it back to me from every golden leaf in autumn.

Montreal, Canada

I love this story so much. I recognized myself in Madhava, in how I have prayed for so many things over the years. Some things were granted, and I could sometimes see a gift bestowed. Some things were not granted, no matter how often I prayed for them. With hindsight, I see how these “prayers denied” were blessings in disguise.

Little by little, the things I pray for—and how I pray—have changed. Over time, being connected to the grace-bestowing power of the Guru is polishing my heart, my habits, and my state.

As I read this story, I can identify some recent moments of clarity when my heart has been suffused with peace and a shining stillness. This story helps me to see how this is a state free of grasping. That is the space I want to live in. And I see that even the act of praying with focus, time, and humility is a gift and an end in itself.

As always, the timing of this story has been a boon.

California, United States

As I read the story of Madhava, my heart expanded. I could actually feel a movement in my heart, and joy along with tears. I felt that I had had an experience of connecting to God, and felt both gratitude and inspiration from Madhava’s devotion to Shri Lakshmi. I long for that desire, will, and devotion. What an example! It gives me great hope.

Ohio, United States

What a beautiful story of Madhava’s sadhana journey! What I loved in the story was that Madhava learned to appreciate the simple beauty in life—and that’s what the Siddha Yoga path is guiding me toward, especially as I view all the images in the various Nature Galleries each month. So now, the teachings and practices are not confined to just my puja room; they are becoming, for me, a way of life.

This story gives me more clarity and confidence on this beautiful path, and appreciation for the simple beauty in life.

New Jersey, United States