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The Man in the Mountains

The Right Measure

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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What a delightful, playful experience I had as I actively listened to this story unfold. I'm reminded of the amazement and contentment I feel when I direct my focus, interpretation, and understanding of everyday life in accordance with Gurumayi's teaching. I am grateful to have the opportunity to enjoy such delicious richness, including the laughter rising from listening to this story.

Nevada, United States

After listening to Gurumayi´s Message for 2019 once again, I have been watching my mind and realizing how easily it gets entangled. This story shows me what I can do to change that in my experience of everyday life. I am touched by the very simplicity of the teaching here. It shows me that I have Gurumayi’s never-ending support.

Nottuln, Germany

This story reminded me, just as Gurumayi’s Message does, that if my mind is focused on the Self, my surroundings will respond with its echo, and I will experience the light in my heart.
Yesterday, after a natural conversation full of lightness, discovery, and equanimity, I was left with a profound feeling of contentment. I felt like a musician who had tuned his instrument before playing. I realized that when I tune my mind in my heart’s key and allow joyful words and actions to spread out from my being, I can sense God's applause within my heart. This confirms for me that the music of my mind can be a blessing.

Rodez, France

As I read this story, my experience of my own inner angry “man in the mountains” started to melt away and, with it, some unpleasant news I’d received. I fell softly into the arms of my breath—Hamsa. What solace!

Texas, United States

When I woke up in the morning, I expressed my gratitude to Gurumayi and decided to focus on positive thoughts. When I read this story, I felt so happy; the story affirmed my practice of observing my thoughts and being positive. It reminded me that we receive what we give to others. I am inspired to experience love by connecting to the love within myself, watching my thoughts, and giving love to others.

Mumbai, India

This was the perfect story to guide me with the present situation of my mind. I felt as though Gayau’s friend was advising me! For me, the friend who guides me is my beloved Gurumayi!

Pune, India

As I read "The Man in the Mountains,” I smiled at first, as I could relate all too well to Gayau’s attempt to escape his mind’s reality by a change of scenery!
But when I reached the part where he goes back to the mountain and, following his friend’s advice, speaks beautiful and positive words to his surroundings, I felt my heart expand, and tears filled my eyes.
I could feel the extraordinary bliss of expressing pure love, as if I were the one on the mountain. This experience is still with me.
Thank you, Gurumayi. 

Hong Kong