The Shopkeepers and the Accountant

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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The most important teaching in this story for me is that even when an obstacle in my own path—or one that makes life difficult for others—appears immense and immovable, the road to success can be paved through benevolent intention, determination, persistence, and trust.
This teaching illumines for me how, supported at every step by the Guru’s grace, I managed to advance a complex project over the last two decades, which eventually drew essential assistance from many others along the way. And it gives me vital encouragement as I now face an ongoing challenge, which also appears immense, yet too important to step back from.
So I will endeavor to keep the wisdom of Queen Amanitore in mind as I move forward, inch by inch and day by day.

Illinois, United States

After reading this story, I remembered that when I observe another person authentically practicing a virtue, such as generosity, faith, or love, this inspires me to also practice that virtue. And when I practice a virtue, this inspires others to do so, while also expanding my heart and consciousness. Part of the value of the sangham for me is that we can inspire and uplift each other in this way.
Over and over again I experience how, through Gurumayi's grace, at some deep level bubbling up throughout the sangham is the same divine, inspiring virtue—one more demonstration for me of the one Consciousness we share, as we are united and guided by our Guru.

California, United States

I very much enjoyed this story. I appreciated this reminder of how, when we work together, we reconnect with what unites us instead of being interested in simply advancing our own interests. 

Montreal, Canada