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As Fate Would Have It

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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Reading this story reminded me of a time many years ago when I had decided to fast on Thursdays to honor the Guru's day. It was very difficult for me to stay hungry for more than a few hours, but on this particular day I did it! That night, I had a vivid, funny dream of Bade Baba. What a delight it was to feel that he had acknowledged my effort by granting me his darshan in such a playful way.
Thank you, Bade Baba!

Richmond, Canada

When I read Bade Baba's words referring to the darshan of the saptarishis, it was as if I were the amma, and Bade Baba was speaking to me.  
I felt I was receiving Bade Baba’s and the saptarishisdarshan just by reading the story! I understood this could happen to me at any time and in any place.
I am so grateful to Gurumayi and the Siddhas for teaching me how to have the darshan of God in this world.  

California, United States

Listening to this beautifully told story in the darkness of the early morning, I was transported to being in Ganeshpuri—as if I were the amma in the story myself! I had the experience of receiving the darshan of the saints the story described, and the darshan of Bade Baba.  

South Yarra, Australia

I feel touched by this story, since it’s a powerful reminder of the countless miracles and synchronicities that take place around a Siddha Guru. It also brought to mind times when Baba or Gurumayi said something to me that was completely unexpected and filled with grace, just like the experience of the amma described here when Bade Baba spoke to her.
For instance, during one darshan, I expressed concern for my family, who were not following the Siddha Yoga path. With great compassion, Baba said, “You should be happy.” This caught me by surprise, but as I contemplated Baba’s response, I gradually realized that worrying about others’ happiness wasn’t going to change anything, and that I myself wasn’t very happy.
I came to see Baba’s reply as a liberating command as well as an invitation, and recognized that following this command needed to be a central focus in my sadhana. Baba’s words, “You should be happy,” continue to resound within me today, just as Bade Baba’s words resounded within the amma portrayed here.

California, United States

This story vividly recalled me for me a recent visit I made to Gurudev Siddha Peeth with an older cousin. We reached Bade Baba's Temple in Ganeshpuri just as it closed for lunch. I decided to dip my feet in the hotwater springs as I knew that Bade Baba always wanted devotees to do so before coming to him.
It was a blazing hot afternoon. As I stepped into the water, it felt very hot. I shifted about to get more comfortable, but took a misstep and fell right in— all of me! I surfaced within seconds, laughing joyfully and proclaiming, with amazement, that Bade Baba had just given me a real full dip!

I then spent an hour getting myself, my handbag, and my cellphone dry. And then, the Temple doors opened! In we went with hearts full of joyful love and laughter, in full recognition of Bade Baba's magical ways. My heart was soaked—in gratitude—as I saw how my unspoken desire for Bade Baba’s darshan had been fulfilled. 

Connecticut, United States

My heart is filled with awe and gratitude each time I hear stories of the grace and all-pervasive presence of the Siddha Yoga masters that is constantly protecting and nurturing us. Bade Baba’s compassionate blessing to the amma was so sweet and generous!

Mumbai, India

As I listen to Sarita read the story, each quality, of light, of sound, of texture, comes to life for me. I am seeing the saptarishis in the sky; I am sitting in Ganeshpuri outside Kailas Nivas waiting for Bade Baba; I am bathing in the sacred hot springs. Each detail is so alive. And now, here I am, with Bade Baba, his words resonating inside of me. 
Yes, Bade Baba. Yes. I’ve received your darshan.

New York, United States

As I read this beautifully rendered story, I felt Bade Baba's presence. I felt at peace and my heart was grateful. The story teaches me to look for darshan in myself and in everyone and everything.

California, United States

What a wonderful story! It teaches me that I can have the darshan of God in each moment.
As I listened to the story, faces of shopkeepers, canteen workers, and even beggars flashed in front of my mind’s eye. Seeing their smiling faces, I saw God smiling!
I am grateful to be brought to the awareness of my inner temple, where darshan can happen all the time, if only I align with the highest Truth!

Ganeshpuri, India