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A Search in the Desert

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I liked the way the author describes how the crow’s usually fertile mind had become dry and empty of ideas in the face of its challenge. I was able to relate to this because there have been critical situations in my life when my mind has seemed to go blank just when I needed to decide on my next move.

So, I took notice when the crow—in trying to figure out how to reach the water in the pitcher—recalled the important question: “What would his mother do?”

When I have to make important decisions going forward, this is the time I need to remember to pause and ask myself: “What would Gurumayi do?” I feel strongly that asking myself this question will invoke grace. It will allow the mind to calm down and figure out the best next move.

I am thankful for this story, which I believe has given me a teaching that I can follow throughout my lifetime.

Hosur, India

I live in the high desert of northern New Mexico. For the past two months we have been experiencing record-setting heat and extreme drought. This morning, while sitting in my garden, a huge black raven—much larger than a crow—settled into the Russian olive tree on my property and hungrily started stripping the branches of ripe olives. After ten minutes, he dropped down to the bubbling water fountain below the tree and thirstily drank and bathed for another ten minutes.
I am feeling so blessed that he accepted the offerings of my garden on this special day—when I had just read this special story.

New Mexico, United States

My father died last year, and I see I’ve held onto many grievances about our relationship. This story guided me to look back at the many teachings my father gave me. Many of them seemed insignificant at the time, and I admit I often took them for granted. Yet this story has helped me see that they were and are worthy of acknowledgment, even honor. This new perspective helps me feel lighter, fuller, more honest.
Pitru Paksha is a new observance for me. As I have a dog, I’m now planning food delights that will both provide her with nourishment and symbolically extend my gratitude to my father. I feel I’ve received a tangible and magnificent connection to life’s circle.

Congleton, United Kingdom

What a touching story to read as we enter the period of Pitru Paksha. I feel inspired to honor my ancestors and the beloved people who are no longer physically with me. This story reminds me that the wisdom and love of those who went before me still do live on within, guiding me whenever I remember them.    
I love the way this poignant story unfolded! And the gorgeous images helped me so much to understand the crow’s dilemma and to grasp the solution that his memory of his mother’s guidance helped him find.

South Melbourne, Australia

The expressions and use of language in this story make it seem as if it is happening right before my eyes. The delightful flow totally absorbed and mesmerized me as I anticipated the next message or action. I appreciate how the story honors the ancestors, especially Wahn’s mother and her knowledge. The story teaches me so much and exemplifies how stories can teach from one generation to the next.

Melbourne, Australia

What a wonderful way to start my day—with the brilliant enthusiasm of the crow named Wahn! A welcome reminder for me to look at each situation and challenge with new eyes and as an opportunity. By modeling her own resilience and ingenuity, my mother also taught me to never give up. I hope to pass on this timeless wisdom to my “flock.”

Our family motto, which we strive to realize, is “Teamwork makes the dream work!” I absolutely love how this story depicts this, and reminds me that after I’ve done my best, it’s okay to ask for help!

Nora, Sweden

I love a good story and this is a good story! I happened on it as I was reading about Pitru Paksha; when I saw the beautiful illustration, I clicked on it! I was so pleased I did; as autumn sunshine lights up my garden, I am suddenly flying over the desert. How exhilarating!

While reading this amazing story, I am captivated by the qualities of this bird. What an example he sets for me on how to approach my life: be creative, be diligent! I am smiling so much at this story and its outcome, I feel today is going to be very special.

I will take time to remember my father and the generous way he shared his love of drawing and art with me. Just like the crow remembered his mother’s wise counsel, I bring to mind all his advice and gentle instruction. And he would have admired these illustrations. This story has taken me to a very happy place!

Hampton Hill, United Kingdom

I found this lovely story about the crow and its ability to use ingenuity to overcome obstacles to be an apt parable for the human condition—our need for one another as well as our ability to draw on the strength of our ancestors.

I was heartened to read an Australian story in particular. We have many crows in our area, and I have had a love for them for a long time. Both the Australian setting of the story and its focus on crows make me feel divinely connected to this special time of remembrance of all who have passed on and their journey in the spirit world.

Frankston, Australia

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experiential wisdom
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New York, United States