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Excerpts from Gurumayi’s Talks after Storm Sandy

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From Baba's "Teaching Tent" in Santa Monica in 1980-81 to the wonderful 2012 ongoing online teachings—and everything in between—great thanks for sharing the love in your heart to enlighten us all.

California, USA

Work is art. When I read these words from Gurumayi, my heart felt lighter. Sometimes, for me, it feels easy to approach work with a resistant attitude. Now, when I consider that work could be a way of sharing creativity, effort, and a vision with the world, it makes me excited to get to work! 

Thank you, Gurumayi, for reminding me that every moment and action can be filled with such sweet potential.

New York, USA

How uplifting to read the excerpts from Gurumayi’s talks in the three recent satsangs!   As a singer/songwriter contemplating the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I find her words about music are particularly inspiring.  She reminds me how every crisis, every saddened spirit, and every challenge is an opportunity to bring the light of music to the heart.  I especially love Gurumayi saying that all of us, not just professional musicians, can share music as a great balm to the soul.  Music has the power to lift us up in a profound way.  

I am so grateful to be on this path where Gurumayi’s teachings continue to heighten my sense of purpose and responsibility through the spiritual alignment of my art.  Through the years, she has helped me remain steadfast in my intention to offer my singing and writing out of the spirit of service.  No matter where I sing, I think of Gurumayi and allow the love that is in my heart to open up and reach out through sacred sound.  

Here’s to the blessings we can offer each other and to all the songs and chants still to be shared through the years!

 New York, USA

The Siddha Yoga path website feels like the most joyous lifeline. Each day as I open the Siddha Yoga webpage, I’m drawn inside to the center of stillness, a smile beams across my face, I breathe in joy, and bathe in the Shakti of each sweet offering. Thank you for this precious gift.

Thank you, Gurumayi, for your guidance to sing, and to actually create our prayers and send our blessings.

In an effort to be more dedicated to what's most important to me, I recently created a little list of things to include in my morning practices. It's worked very well, and creates a beautiful entrance to meditation.
Gurumayi’s talk inspired me to add offering prayers and sending blessings to my list. I’ve pictured the blessings floating down on those affected by the storms as white flowers of light, and prayed that they experience God’s love in some form—whether through the helping hands and kindness of others, or an experience of joy even in the face of such difficulty.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for constantly enlivening our practice of Siddha Yoga sadhana.

California, USA

As I studied Gurumayi's words I noticed the phrase, “It is beautiful to know that people do care.” I contemplated this statement, and realised that in order for people to know that you care about them, you actually have to DO something. In this case, Gurumayi had received a letter from a devotee enquiring about her and the sevites at Shree Muktananda Ashram, so this person took the time to actually write a letter. Often I feel too busy to do anything out of the ordinary like this.
Through my contemplation, I recognised how beautiful it is to feel seen, acknowledged, and appreciated, and how important it is that we do this for each other. I have decided to take some specific steps right away so that I can express my appreciation more for family and friends.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for this simple, profound statement that has re-awakened the care in my heart for others.

Sydney, Australia