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As Fate Would Have It

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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This story helped me realize how fear can keep me from the Truth and from my own inner wisdom. Fear can sometimes stop me from seeing that the Guru’s grace is everywhere, always present to help me on my journey. This story also inspires me to go beyond the fear to freedom. With my trust and faith, with my self-effort and the Guru’s grace, I will reach the other shore.

Chevy Chase, Maryland

The lesson I received from this story is that the one who believes in the Guru and the Guru’s grace is the one with the excellent mind—a mind that keeps on listening to the inner Self and finds new ways and paths for itself and others. They never get stuck in the “blankets” passing through. The Guru’s grace and our trust in it always guide us.

Indore, India

Reading this story connected me to many teachings. I wrote down my first impressions and then went for a walk. The day afterwards, as I was writing about my experience of the story, a very challenging situation sprang up suddenly, and I tried my best to stay in touch with my inner light. As I focused on my experience, I realized that, like Remi in the story, I will be able to meet the challenges I come across in the river of life if I can focus on the broad vision that the awakened Shakti gives. This allows me to be attentive to the messages I receive inside, and I can then move on with more serenity and inspiration.

Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

After reflecting on what this story might mean, I concluded that the bear might represent the beliefs of our ego, which we cling to for security, but which can then toss us about and even drown us in the river of life.

For me, the teaching seems to be to trust in the currents of life, rather than fighting or being afraid of them. The river of life is just grace, the Self, and if we trust what it brings us, and flow with its currents, we get safely to the other side.

Maryland, United States

This story brought to my attention how I can sometimes allow myself to feel overwhelmed. When I indulge in that sense of “overwhelm” and do not take responsibility for doing what I am capable of doing, I look for easy solutions that may not be beneficial in the long run. For this reason, I see the incredible value of maintaining a positive mind.

Michigan, United States

What an amazing story about courage, belief in oneself—or lack of belief in oneself—friendship, and so much more. How true it is that the mind can literally be the making or breaking of someone.
The story helps me feel and understand how important it is to always keep a positive frame of mind, especially in challenging situations, in order to have a clear view and to see the options present, which may otherwise be clouded by  fear and negativity. 

Versoix, Switzerland

For me, the lesson from this story is this: if I do not let go of my illusory ideas of what safety means to me, one day the safety net created solely by the mind will become my own enemy and it will be too late.

New York, United States