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The Great Artist

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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I was so moved by the story that tears ran down my cheeks. For years I have tried to paint the beauty of God’s creation, but each painting seemed a pale copy of his indescribably beautiful world.

After reading this story, I realized that when I paint, I brush my own consciousness and state onto the canvas. When I rest in my center, when I feel one with my heart, everything I paint is divine—everything I paint is a worship of God.

I see God’s laughter winking at me from my painted trees, even if my painting technique is clumsy.

Now I want to paint to give the God in me an expression.

Unterlangenegg, Switzerland

I found myself deeply absorbed in the story of Chitralekha’s journey. My heart was moist when the artist, at long last,  experienced the moment of sweet surrender and acknowledgment  of her identity with the playful, spontaneous, ever-changing Lord Krishna.

When I clear the “canvas” of my expectations and let go of the superimpositions of the mind that seek recognition in a worldly sense, I can see my Self in the reflection of the Lord’s own light. It shines through me. I am one with that light.

Washington, United States

Through the gift of shaktipat, my life has become an appointment with the Master. The shifts and changes along the way cause me to explore the palette of the heart, the pallete of the virtues. And like the artist in this story, I've often fallen into the misunderstanding that if I do “my” practices well enough, I will get what I want.
Now, through the story, I'm understanding that it is the Master who is working on me, and that my responsiveness, my willingness to keep exploring are what bring about the longed for connection—unity.
I have such gratitude for such a journey with such a Master.

New York, United States

My key take-away is that pure motivation is important. The story reminds me that when I am in alignment with the Self and offer the outcome of my actions to God, everything I undertake unfolds easily. 

Michigan, United States

My eyes filled with tears just as the eyes of the artist in the story did. My own soul was dancing with color pouring out of my heart. I closed my eyes and swayed as I experienced Shri Guru's eyes sending golden tendrils of divine light into mine. My focus became the poetry that my heart longs to sing.

Texas, United States

Unexpectedly, tears flowed when I read these words: "…colors radiating out of her chest and the light coming down in cascades upon her being." This story is filled with such sweetness and a gentle reminder that the mind can give us a sense of self-importance. I could sense the qualities of grace, humility, and surrender woven into this story. How beautiful to see the Siddha Yoga teachings expressed with such tenderness.

Wisconsin, United States

Sage Narada’s words to Chitralekha stood out for me: "If you truly wish to paint the Lord, your canvas must be cleaner."

I realized that doing spiritual practices cleans my inner canvas. I can maintain that cleanliness by making alertness and awareness my constant companions. This practice naturally leads me to pause and turn inward, toward the Self. As I have been doing this, I have noticed my breath flowing more freely.

Nairobi, Kenya

The story inspired me to reflect on how Chitralekha's journey and ultimate realization applied to various aspects of my life.
I asked myself: how can I clean my canvas so as to hear my Guru with clarity, and see things as they really are and not just as I desire them to be?
I realized that small ways of being throughout the day—how I speak, what I think of, how I act and react—all lead to making my canvas clean or unclean, sparkling or hazy. And my effort to meditate and lead an aware life will lead it to be cleaner each day.
I am grateful for the wonderful reminder in this story!

Mumbai, India