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The Story of Kalidas

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I particularly love stories because, as Gurumayi told us in her Message for 2001, “When things get tricky, a story is good.” And what a particularly delightful and entrancing story this is! 
Happily, it inspired in me a breakthrough from “tricky things.” My tendency to withdraw from feeling full kinship with my fellow human beings has been a major obstacle in my life and sadhana. The very idea that the world contains people who may sometimes think, act, or speak with meanness has been a major challenge for me. Yet in this story it was just such meanness that sent Das running to the Goddess—and then she gave him everything.
This story showed me that if it hadn’t been for meaness, I might not have been so eager to run to Shri Guru and receive shaktipat diksha. So this story has given me reasons to be profoundly grateful even for the existence of meanness!

Tennessee, United States