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The Value of a Human Birth

From Where Are You Going?
By Baba Muktananda

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This is a beautiful rendition of a story I grew up hearing.

To me, there is nothing more joyful then sharing in the gems of realization, the Siddha Yoga teachings. 

For me this story encapsulates the essence of just how precious human life can be.

I am reminded that each breath is precious, that the conscious attention I place on these breaths is precious, and this gift of a meaningful life is bestowed upon me by the grace of my masters. 

London, United Kingdom

Guru Nanakdev chose a diamond to instill in his disciple the true value of a human birth. For me, the diamond is the best symbol of the Self, shining its light in every direction. 
Thanks to my Guru, I know that the treasure of my life dwells in my heart and is the source of all my happiness. And with the understanding that every human being has received the same gift from God, it’s easier for me to follow Baba’s command to “See God in each other.”

Rodez, France

As I read this story, I remembered the fourth verse of the hymn, Wave Lights to the True Guru, in which we sing: "Listen, for so long we were (fools) going around from door to door, just picking up dust." Now I can see that my life was like this until I met Gurumayi  and I started my sadhana!
The compassion of the Guru has given me the priceless gift of shaktipat, so that, through the practices, I can now see myself mirrored in the diamond-like light of the Supreme Self.
I bow to my beloved Gurumayi in gratitude for her love, compassion, and sacred teachings.

Macerata, Italy

I love this story of Guru Nanakdev's teaching. I understand it to mean that the more I grow spiritually, the more I will realize the true value of being human and having a spiritual life.
I have been on the Siddha Yoga path for a long time. In the beginning, I thought that only Siddhas like Baba could attain enlightenment. But I have since learned that I too am meant to seek the highest. And through my spiritual growth and the quality of my experiences, my vision is no longer like that of the fruit seller in the story—I have moved on to a far higher goal!
I owe my understanding to Shri Gurumayi.

Virginia, USA

After reading this story, I realized that I often let others determine my worth, as Guru Nanakdev's disciple did with his diamond. I, too, am carrying something precious—and so my goal this year is to realize my own worth.

Pennsylvania, USA

The diamond in this story brings back the precious memory of receiving shaktipat initiation decades ago. My inner being expanded into a brilliant, scintillating, diamond-like sphere. Although each facet was another human being, it was also myself. The divine value of each of us was the same. I felt the bliss of oneness.

Pennsylvania, USA

I was drawn to the image of the diamond and looked at it for a while before reading the story. I realized it is one object with many facets, colors, and reflections of light, just like each of us. 
The story itself reminded me that at different times in my life, I have not always fully valued my life. But as the Guru keeps polishing me and seeing the best in me, I value my life more and more. 
I appreciate the growth and love available to me on this path. I am also very grateful for the website, which continues to delight me.

Florida, USA

Today was the precise day I had resolved to come to some decisions and make some phone calls regarding my application to a new workplace. I had been concerned about whether the new job would suit me, and whether others would recognize the value of what I have to offer.
This morning, I opened my computer and read this story from Baba—twice. I was especially happy to be able to read it in my own mother tongue! And now my previous concerns about my own value in this process have transformed into confidence and optimism about the tasks lying ahead. My heart is calm—even shining.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for bringing this diamond into my life!

Berlin, Germany

What a beautiful, powerful story! For me, it highlights the essence of yoga. I am the brilliant diamond, but for the brilliance to shine forth, it must go through a refining process—by means of the Siddha Yoga practices.
I feel inspired to hold onto the vision of my life as diamondlike, and to polish my understanding of what is standing in front of me in any moment. This precious story reminds me to renew my commitment to this quest.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for filling my life with your grace and purifying my vision day by day.

Oslo, Norway

I once served as a volunteer in an institution dedicated to people who had suffered greatly. I often asked myself how I was able to see God in the people I served there, yet was not always able to do the same with everyone else.
I have come to realize that engaging in sadhana is what opens the Guru’s grace within me and expands my understanding. I have noticed how sadhana pulls back the veil that covers my eyes and, little by little, discloses the dazzling light of the inner Self. 
Sadhana reveals to me the love and compassion that flow and expand throughout the world. The practices are my key to begin to experience, within and without, the immeasurable value of human birth.

Barcelona, Spain

Thank you for posting this story on the website. I am reminded of all the incredible
life-changing experiences of the Self I have had throughout my life. I am reminded of how beautiful, uplifting, and precious my life is. The way I spend time here on earth is precious. I want to make every moment precious. I need to remember again and again everything I have received and all that I have to give. Thank you!

Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for this beautiful teaching and a reminder to me that my life is indeed precious! I closed my eyes and Baba’s words sprang up within me—“Bow to yourself, honor yourself, God dwells within you as you.” I visualized my body becoming a beautiful temple; and in the center I saw the flame of love, peace, and contentment. This experience can only happen in a human life.

Nairobi, Kenya

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. Some of my friends came to chant Shri Rudram as part of the celebration. Before chanting we all shared. Maybe since the occasion was a birthday, each of us spoke about the significance of having a human body to walk the earth. One of my friends is about to give birth, and the other two friends are new parents of a two-month-old baby. We were grateful for the good fortune of having this good company and that we could honor each other. We were grateful that we have received and practiced, and continue to receive and practice, the Siddha Yoga teachings. We were grateful that we pursue the highest goal of a human birth—that we seek to become established in the awareness of the Self.

Now, visiting the webpage, I see we are all very connected and I am grateful for this beautiful way of receiving the teachings. I am grateful for this website, which is also such good company.

Mexico City, Mexico

Today was one of those days when everything felt like hard work and I didn't feel in the “flow.” As I sat thinking about my day, I clicked on to the story by Baba: "The Value of Human Birth." It immediately brought forth feelings of self-worth, acceptance, love, and deep appreciation for the preciousness of my own life, and profound gratitude for the guidance to the real Truth this story generated within me. Thank you.

Melbourne, Australia

The Value of Human Birth, what a wonderful story! I taught third grade in a very impoverished inner-city school. The children saw so much in their short life that taught them that a human life was not valuable. As much as I could, through my actions and words, I taught them that they were special, that their life had value, that every life has value. And each day I remind myself, as Gurumayi has taught me, that I am precious to God. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

New Hampshire, USA