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Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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To me, the endless loads of wool carried by the donkeys that Niyol imagined represent the endless amount of karmas we carry from countless past lives, and the imaginary fire that destroyed the loads of wool was the fire of yoga which burns away these karmas.

New York, United States

Niyol's habits of mind all remind me of the habits of my own mind when I don’t support it with the practices. I’m seeing now that only daily reminders of who I truly am stave off this kind of invasion of impressions. The image of tossing these notions into the fire of Consciousness—dissolving thoughts in the same way that the wool is burned up here—helps my mind to remember its core nature.
This story fills me with gratitude for the grace that the daily practices bring!

California, United States

What a great story!

It reminds me of how unfailingly the wise ones can pierce the mind’s delusions, no matter how deep-rooted and persistent they may be, in exactly the perfect way and at the right moment! 

How fortunate we are to have Gurumayi’s teachings and grace to guide us through and past the darkness of ignorance to the brilliant light of the Truth.

California, United States

I so enjoyed listening to this story! It illustrated brilliantly for me how the mind can create a harrowing inner reality when left to its own devices. I remember reading another rendition of this story decades ago, and I found that very instructive. Being privy to it again reminds me of the necessity of not falling sway to what can be the obsessive nature of the mind!
In one fell swoop, the clever man released Niyol from her suffering. When I turn my mind to the mantra and the remembrance of the Truth, it frees me from the web of thoughts, from the bondage of unnecessary worry and agitation. 

Florida, United States

This exquisitely articulated story teaches me that when my mind gets stuck in a debilitating pattern of thinking, I can go to the wisdom of the sages, the wisdom of my Guru. The fire of her love cuts through the illusion.

Thank you, my dearest Shri Guru. You free me to dance in delight and once again meditate on the light of the heavens.

North Carolina, United States