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The Warrior’s Calm

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2020

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I read this story earlier in the year and was intrigued by its focus on keeping one's inner calm. Just recently, I have experienced this myself.
For a long time, when I ran into people from a former workplace where I had been mistreated, I would become nervous, my hands would shake, and I would feel pressured. However, on this latest unexpected encounter, I immediately greeted them graciously and spoke to them twice in a friendly way. During the evening, as they sat at the table next to me, I noticed I was very calm, even joyous. And when they whispered and left without acknowledging me, I sent them blessings.
This state of inner calm was a direct result of my following Gurumayi's teachings. With her guidance and my effort over time, I am now able to stand in peace in front of ill-deserved judgments. It is truly a great gift, for which I am endlessly grateful to my beloved Guru.

Melbourne, Australia

I learned from this beautiful story how powerful it is to be able to connect to your inner calm. It is something worth working toward.
I learned from this beautiful story how doing your duty with great focus and diligence can teach you many subtle lessons that you may never be aware of.
I learned from this beautiful story how, by doing my sadhana with great focus, with a simple heart, and with love, my Guru is never far away and my goal is achievable. 

Versoix, Switzerland