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The Shopkeepers and the Accountant

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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Before reading the story this morning, I had been reflecting on a shift within myself: I had been self-conscious, fearful that I was not worthy, especially in contexts that were important to me. Now I feel so much stronger within myself. There is conviction and self-acceptance.

The theme of positive and negative mind has been very important in my study of Gurumayi's Message, and I am appreciating the fruits of this study. In this story I hear: trust the inner pulse, the inner impulse.  I am grateful that, supported by Gurumayi's grace and teachings, this is becoming my way of being.

Sydney, Australia

I listened to this story standing with my feet in the ocean, looking out across the dark blue sea! The sounds of the waves from the recording matched the sounds of the waves on the beach where I was standing. The descriptions of the ocean mirrored what I was seeing. I listened and experienced every beautiful word spoken.
The description of the dancer’s experience connected me to my own inner journey. The story led me, word by word, to experiencing the vast ocean within myself from behind my eyes! I could see that my mind had been prepared to listen to such a story through my practice of Gurumayi's Message for 2019. And I felt gratitude dancing within every cell. 

South Yarra, Australia

This is a story I want never to end, a dance whose movements I feel within each cell of my being. Like Leher, I too have lived in the skin of someone so self-consciously preoccupied and separated from my true nature, projecting all manner of judgments upon the people in my world that the music of my own soul could not be heard. I too have yielded and been swept up and washed in the waves of Mother Ocean.
For me, this is the story of sadhana—the movement from the self-conscious ego state to full consciousness of the Self, the ocean of bliss awaiting my attention within—and so available to me in meditation! The story brought me back to my Self, back to dancing in the inner realm of the Heart.
My deepest gratitude to Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba for the abundant gifts of grace that roll through me now, like the waves of the ocean.

Washington, United States

This evocative story is for me an account of trying something new, where years of practice and preparation and trust in the teacher all meet in the unity of a dancer and her audience. I understand that the dancer's inner freedom to move was achieved, despite the obstacles her mind created, by recognition and remembrance of her meaningful name. What a gift of grace to have a teacher point the way, and allow the expression of the inner Self to flourish. This mirrors the beauty of the Siddha Yoga path I am so grateful to be following.  

St. Lazare, Canada