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When Sacred Sound Awakened the World

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2020

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This captivating story reminds me that true peace has nothing to do with a dull silence. The serenity of the Self is vibrant and filled with joy. When I listen to the water flowing from a silent glacier and running down the slope of a mountain, making the rocks and the forest resonate, I feel invited to a divine concert. Nevertheless, I have learned that sacred sounds are not limited to a natural environment.
One day, as I was waiting for a train in a suburban station made of concrete and iron, a door began to creak on its hinges, followed by the hammer-like sound of someone walking heavily on the ground. For me, all the elements of the station became like many musicians directed by an invisible conductor, playing divine music I might call “The Song of the World.”
Afterwards, I understood that this divine song could be seen as resonating with my own inner divine music—the continuous flow of So’ham that reverberates in my heart.

Rodez, France