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Chinese New Year 2019: The Year of the Pig

About Eesha Sardesai

author photo Copyright SYDA Foundation

Eesha was introduced to the Siddha Yoga path by her parents in 1991. She has been serving on staff in the SYDA Foundation since 2014, offering seva as a writer and editor. Her writing has frequently been featured on the Siddha Yoga path website; it has included the Stories on Gurumayi’s Message in 2019 and the monthly introduction letters in 2018.

Eesha holds a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and communications from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to serving on staff in the SYDA Foundation, she worked as a food writer.

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Zoogan's explanation to his young brother, “The pool of water is love, and love is the fragrance that never fades away," stood out for me. It inspired me to make a commitment to bathe in this pool of love inside myself as often as I can throughout the day.
This practice helps to quiet my mind, and I feel warmth and goodness arising within me naturally.
Thank you, Gurumayi!

Nairobi, Kenya

When I first read the story, I felt a sweet connection with the virtues of kindness, wisdom, and love. And when I read the story to my 6-year-old daughter, I could feel and sense the same virtues in her.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In the inspired rendering of this beautiful story, the pigs came to life for me, and Nookomis, grandmother, felt so familiar. My takeaway understanding from this story is that only love survives. I realized not only that I need love, but also, like Nookomis, I have a need to give love. I now understand more deeply that I must give love in order to experience happiness.

Thane West, India

This story reminded me that love underlies every life situation and relationship. Sometimes love is invisible, and sometimes it may feel unfulfilled, but I know I must look for it. When I approach a relationship from the perspective of love, my heart softens as if it were soaked, as Zoongan says, “in the pool of water… [in a] perfume that never fades away.” From that space, my thoughts and words veer away from separation and flow in the direction of connection, peace, and unity.
I am deeply grateful for this teaching.

California, United States

When I read this story, I wondered if I could remember to follow the wise pig’s teaching to “bathe in the pool of water and discover the perfume that never fades away."
Later, during a discussion at a work meeting, I noticed that I felt disconnected. Just then, I remembered love. I immediately reconnected with this story and with my colleagues. I felt so elated. I felt that Gurumayi was very close to my heart.

Chennai, India

As I read this story my mind became still and turned inward to contemplate the teachings given in the story.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for giving me so many ways to turn within.

Chennai, India

As I woke this morning I found myself in conversation with my inner Self, asking about the purpose of my life. I received the inner guidance, “to evolve spiritually.” 

Then I read this story and received the great wisdom about love, as Zoongan advises Oshki to "bathe in the pool of water” and discover the “perfume that never fades away."

To me, the Siddha Yoga path website is like the pool of water and the teachings are the perfume that I keep receiving at the perfect time to remind me of the fragrance I have inside.

New Jersey, United States