When you meditate, the silence of the senses illumines the presence of
God within.

No matter who we are, what we do, what we may have or not have, each of us has an inherent power to meditate. Once this power is ignited through shaktipat, our meditation naturally deepens and draws us to the goal of Self-realization.

Meditation is the practice of turning our attention inward. Meditation beckons us to unravel the greatest mystery of life—that in this human form, we are also divine. When we still the mind in meditation we are drawn, like bees to honey, to the presence of God within. Touching this truth, our restlessness ceases and we are flooded with a sense of our own perfection and divinity.

The Siddha Yoga meditation Intensives, in which we receive shaktipat, offer us a unique and heightened environment to launch or deepen our own meditation practice. Then, as we bathe in this state each day, even for a brief period, our understanding gradually shifts. We begin to see that the natural state of meditation is accessible even throughout our activities. We find God is closer than our own breath. We feel the divine presence infusing our everyday world.