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Nature Gallery I

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As I take in the amazing miracles that these photographs have captured, I keep thinking, over and over:  "Everything is divine! Everything is gorgeous! Everything is a miracle!"
I'm grateful that the exquisite photography offered on this website is teaching me that I can be aware that everything that I perceive is divine, gorgeous, and miraculous. 

Colorado, USA

The four remarkable photos of the mother robin caring for her three hungry chicks in the nest moved me by its implicit message. I have seen many birds' nests over the years, but it was this nest, with its jaunty blue-and-white ribbon woven through the twigs, that reminded me just how much effort avian parents put forth to create the natural home in which they raise their young ones.
Then I realized that the nest-building work was just part of the parenting duties of these birds. The photo of the robin carefully bringing plump, juicy berries to her chicks recalled for me Gurumayi's teaching from Mother's Day about the tremendous sacrifices and devotion that mothers offer selflessly to their children. It was great to recognize that this teaching applies not just to us humans, but also to mothers throughout God's creation!

Illinois, USA

These photographs have all the rasas, all the flavors, in the world in them! I really appreciate the gentleness and delicacy captured in these photographs. These pictures teach me how to see.

New York, USA

How beautiful to see the golden rays of the sun illuminating plants and flowers that abound in sunlight. Birds, insects, and mammals thrive on the bounty of nectar and leaves, as if imbibing the fruits of this golden sunlight. These images inspire me to enjoy the luminous qualities of my own inner state. 

Massachusetts, USA

I took particular notice of the beauty of the white temple amidst the finely mowed green lush grass. All the rows, neatly mowed in unison, reminded me to breathe deeply.  My breath got into a rhythm, and I closed my eyes and visualized Bade Baba in the temple.
 I experienced a great darshan of Bade Baba!

Florida, USA