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Siddha Yogis Sharing about Their Creative Expressions
of Gurumayi’s Message for 2018

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These images never fail to expand my heart. As I looked at those posted most recently, I felt myself going deep within, flowing into the Truth of the Self, and watching my heart fill with peace and love.
I feel so grateful to Gurumayi, and to all the artists, for this gallery.

Massachusetts, USA

These inspired creative expressions captured my imagination. Tenderness welled up in me as I enjoyed the artwork and read the descriptive commentaries. I am delighted by and honor the many ways of expressing satsang.

Oregon, USA

When I looked at this image of a “sculpture” enhanced by the radiance of Savitri’s sunlight, my mind rested in silence and deep and abiding peace.  No words, no feelings, just pure awareness. 
I was surprised and awed by the depth of experience that occurred so immediately and completely.
I had to gently pull myself away to read the comments from the photographer about how the image revealed the Self in this natural setting.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for inviting us to engage so deeply and intimately in satsang with the divinity in nature through the creative expressions of our fellow seekers.

Maryland, USA