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Gurupurnima Celebration Satsang with Gurumayi

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

This year, Siddha Yogis and new seekers around the world were able to participate in the Gurupurnima Satsang with Gurumayi, Revived by the Moon’s Light, via live video stream on the Siddha Yoga path website. To aid your ongoing personal study and contemplation, some of the elements from the satsang are also available below.

The speech given by Professor David Katz, titled The Generosity of the Guru’s Grace, is presented in its entirety. In this speech, David describes the benevolent cycle of transformation the Guru sets in motion with the bestowal of shaktipat initiation.

During his speech, David refers to the Guror Ashtakam, eight devotional verses in honor of the Guru, composed by Shankaracharya. All eight verses of this powerful hymn appear below.

In addition, you will find the complete words of the bhajan by Guru Nanak, He Hari Sundara, He Guru Sundara, which was sung with tender devotion by Siddha Yoga musician Viju Kulkarni at the end of the satsang.

By further exploring these teachings, you deepen your understanding of both their intrinsic meaning and their interrelatedness to each other. In this way, you anchor them in your memory and come to live more fully by their light. There is also a webpage for sharing your insights and experiences about the Gurupurnima Satsang and to read and learn from the discoveries of other Siddha Yoga students.


Generosity of the Guru's GraceHe Hari Sundara He Guru Sundara
GurorastakamShares about Gurupurnima Satsang

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