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A Card in Honor of Gurupurnima 2021

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It is my practice to offer dakshina after my daily meditation by placing a coin in a box on my puja. Two days before Gurupurnima I made my offering with the awareness that I was offering a part of my worldly life to Gurumayi. I then had a vision of a big heart in front of me, which I understood to be Gurumayi’s heart. I saw myself, my room, and my worldly life all enter Gurumayi’s heart. I felt immense gratitude.

Saint-Etienne-De-Crossey, France

As I gaze at this Shubh Gurupurnima card and read the shares responding to it, I feel such a bond with the gratitude expressed there so lovingly. Like the blossoming of a lotus, the Guru's grace has brought auspicious changes into my life: devotion, abundance, light, lightness, wonder, service, beauty. This month is my opportunity to focus on offering, on giving back in every way.

North Carolina, United States

I was moved by the beauty of the lotus on this year's Gurupurnima card. The perfection and purity of the blossom set against the deep blue background remind me of how the Guru guides us to turn within and embody these very qualities. I feel immense gratitude for all we have received—especially now, as my family and I navigate a particularly challenging time in life—knowing that the strength and certainty I gain from my sadhana is a precious gift.

Massachusetts, United States

My grandson and I offered dakshina this morning and felt the connection that each act of devotion and experience of the practices offers. As he sat on my lap and we talked of Gurupurnima and the wealth of love, grace, compassion, wisdom, guidance, understanding, and generosity that we have received from Gurumayi and her teachings, it was apparent that no dakshina gift could be great enough.
We will continue to give dakshina to honor this divine connection and Gurumayi’s extraordinary life of service and devotion.

North Carolina, United States

I was mesmerized by the image of the white lotus on the card. Its white luminescence reminded me of the soft white light I sometimes see in meditation. I felt as if the lotus was entering my heart and expanding it.
It also seemed as if the lotus is free-floating in the blue ether, without any stalk supporting it. However, like the Guru’s grace, support is always there for me, whether it is visible or not. On this Gurupurnima, I am especially grateful for all of the grace in my life!

Florida, United States

Offering dakshina on the day of Gurupurnima, I feel deeply connected to the Guru. I feel protected and blessed as I experience the benevolent energy of giving and receiving in my heart. It is not simply offering dakshina but being conscious of what I am doing that opens my heart to the Guru's grace.
Shubh Gurupurnima!

Reggio Emilia, Italy

Following a meeting about how to deepen one’s dakshina practice, I was inspired to make a more conscious effort with my Gurupurnima dakshina offering. So first I cleaned my puja and made it beautiful. Then I prepared an arati tray and placed a note with my dakshina offering inside a lovely envelope. I put on a dress I would wear to the Ashram.
As I recited Shri Guru Gita, I offered my gratitude for all the blessings in my life. As I waved the tray for the Arati, I felt so clear inside. I had started a cleansing diet for my health the week before, and I felt that I had the support of Guru's grace to cleanse and purify my body. Just as I had cleaned my puja, I was cleaning the temple of my body, and these efforts on the physical level were opening me up to receive even more grace, to feel more joy and love in my heart, and to live a sublime life.
Shubh Gurupurnima!

Sydney, Australia

There is a deep truth in Swami ji’s words that makes me feel blessed to have encountered the beautiful practice of dakshina. During my sadhana the practice of dakshina was the last practice I came to adopt, but, as it is said, "Last but not least!" 
The practice of dakshina entered my heart slowly but, as it unfolded in its mysterious and fascinating way, I felt so attracted to it that it became one of my favorite practices. In time this practice has shown me the greatness hidden inside my heart, the abundance of life, the infinite generosity we are born with, and how gratitude for the Guru's infinite blessings can be expressed in a tangible way.
I am so grateful for this opportunity to give back to my Guru and to learn how to express my generosity in a practical way.

Rome, Italy

It truly touched my heart to read Swami Indirananda’s expression of her gratitude to the Guru. My experience of the Guru’s grace and teachings mirrors the same wonders. Gurumayi’s grace has awakened my awareness of the force of universal love within me and within all creation. Her teachings have given me a conscious life with purpose and meaning, an infallible compass for living this human life in connection with God. Walking the Siddha Yoga path has given me focus, skill, abundance, perspective, and deep contentment. I have felt real peace within, and I have strengthened my spiritual understanding, experiencing unity, divine inner light, and the ongoing, sacred vibration of the Heart.

I offer dakshina this month from the overflowing fullness of my heart.

Oregon, United States

This letter from Swami ji fills me with immense gratitude for Shri Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba.

During the sacred month of Gurupurnima, I always offer dakshina, irrespective of my monthly dakshina offerings. There is no way I can ever repay Shri Guru for what I have received and continue to receive—Gurumayi's grace and blessings are immeasurable and inexhaustible!

I look back at my life and recognize innumerable instances in which Shri Guru illuminated my inner and outer life. In no place, time, or circumstance have I ever felt I was alone. The presence of the Guru is alive in both my spiritual pursuits and daily activities.

The course of my life would have not been the same had I not had the good fortune to be introduced to the Siddha Yoga path.

Udaipur, India

When I offer dakshina out of love for the Guru, I feel an immediate sense of freedom—a release from the grip of the possessions that surround me.

This practice allows detachment to blossom within me and propels me towards performing actions with compassion and lightheartedness.

I feel that every time I offer dakshina, I take another step towards the great Self.

Vancouver, Canada

Gurupurnima is the sacred time to give back to the one who has given me everything, the one who uplifts humanity. By giving back consciously and unconditionally to the Guru, who has given her entire life to God, my gratitude multiplies a thousandfold. By offering back to the source of grace, I feel a fountain of divine love given back to me in return.

Hawaii, United States

When I offer dakshina, I always feel very happy and closer to the Guru. This practice is a great opportunity for me to express my deepest gratitude for all the good I receive every second of my life. As I offer dakshina, I feel I am in harmony with the eternal cycle of giving and receiving; I am at peace, and my heart rests in this blissful feeling.

Milan, Italy

Reading Swami ji's beautiful invitation, I find my heart bathed in the sweetest light. “Yes,” I answer as I read. “Yes, my gratitude for the Guru's immense blessings only continues to grow year after year.” And yes, I have always loved Gurupurnima and find myself awash in memories. And yes, I love offering dakshina. Gurupurnima is my favorite time to do so because it always feels like the best time to honor all three of the magnificent Gurus I love—Bade Baba, Baba Muktananda, and Gurumayi! 
As we on the Siddha Yoga path make our offerings of dakshina this month, I marvel once again at the gifts of this exquisite path!

Washington, United States

It is so joyful to read this beautiful letter. Through my participation in several Siddha Yoga Sadhana Retreats, I was fortunate to have several amazing experiences of the Self that have transformed me forever. In this way I was given the direct experience of the truth of Kabir’s words: "the Guru bestows upon the disciple the Guru's own greatness.”
I have deep gratitude for the Guru's grace that has transformed me and continues to sustain me in sadhana. Even in these unusual times, I am able to connect with Gurumayi's grace through the Siddha Yoga path website. Last evening, as I chanted with the namasankirtana of the day, Namah Shivay Om, for a half hour and then meditated, I was steeped in the chant’s scintillating energy.  
As always, in such a simple and elegant way, Gurumayi provides her grace for me to live an extraordinary life, connected to and grounded in my true nature. How blessed we are all over the world to be joined in worshiping Shri Guru by offering dakshina this month!

Colorado, United States

I received this wonderful invitation with a very grateful heart. I am so thrilled and humbled that I get to offer dakshina. This opportunity is an expression of my everlasting gratitude for the miracle of having a Guru to guide me through this life.

Mayfield, Australia

On the very first day of July this month, knowing that the great blessings of the Gurupurnima month had now begun, I offered dakshina in honor of Shri Gurumayi. 
And now, after reading the profound truth in the exquisite invitation written by Swami Indirananda, and recognizing it as my own truth, I am deeply moved to once again make an offering in heartfelt gratitude to my beloved Shri Gurumayi and all the Siddhas.
I am so grateful for this divine practice of dakshina.

Florida, United States