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Divya Diksha 2019

In Honor of Baba Muktananda’s Divya Diksha

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Reading this excerpt from Baba's talk was very inspiring. It motivated me to sit to meditate with this awareness: “I am reconnecting to ‘the source of enthusiasm.’”And I was “re-energized”!

Thank you, Baba, for your priceless teachings and boundless love.

Montreal, Canada

On this blessed morning of Baba’s Divya Diksha Day, the satsang in honor of this splendid day, held at the local Siddha Yoga chanting and meditation group, was enhanced for me by hearing the excerpt from Baba’s talk. My heart raced in joy as I felt that supreme shakti course through my body on hearing Baba’s every word.  
How blessed I am to have been awakened in this lifetime and to have met my Guru! My life has been bathed in sunshine just knowing I can worship my Guru.

South Carolina, United States