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Introduction by Makario Sarsozo

Happy Earth Day 2021! No matter where you call home or what your situation in life may be, you have the opportunity to see the natural world with new eyes. For Earth Day 2021, Siddha Yogis from around the globe have submitted their images to create this video in celebration of the divinity inherent in nature. On the Siddha Yoga path, we have learned that God is manifest in the diverse expressions of the natural world. We can allow the images of natural beauty in this video—a prism of sunlight shining through a majestic pine, a sudden cloudburst pouring from a slate-colored sky, a joyous spring robin chirping with perceptible glee—to renew our appreciation for the radiance that exists all around us.

This year marks the fifty-first anniversary of Earth Day, which began in the United States to usher in the modern environmental movement and is now celebrated in 192 countries around the globe. This is the largest secular event in the world, and it is more than just an observance or a time of honoring—it is a call to action for expressing our love for Mother Earth.

However you may choose to celebrate Earth Day, taking in the stunning vistas and intimate images of nature in this video can be an inspiring first step. This moment in time is an opportunity to do more than just recognize the beauty and bounty of our natural environment; it’s a chance to become active stewards of the earth. Right now, we are at an inflection point. While we are blessed to live in a world teeming with life and natural resources, this bounty is finite. Now is a good time to ask yourself, what can I do to ensure that this spectacular planet of ours remains a source of abundance and inspiration for future generations?

As you watch the video for Earth Day 2021, let its images inspire you. From the smallest honeybee toiling to collect nectar to the grandest snow-capped mountain range, let these images draw you into a state of awe and wonder, a sense of reverence for this diverse and divine creation. The splendor of nature is everywhere around us—and it is our sacred responsibility to conserve and protect it.