Sarasvati Gayatri Mantra

Each year, everyone who participates in Sweet Surprise and studies Gurumayi’s Message has many means for practicing the teachings from Sweet Surprise. One of those means is recitation of and meditation on mantras from the scriptures. These include gayatri mantras, which, when recited, are a powerful method for centering the mind.

In India, Mahasarasvati is worshiped as the goddess of words, speech, knowledge, art, and music. The spring festival of Vasant Panchami is dedicated to her. Through her grace, Mahasarasvati awakens our minds to ever higher levels of knowledge, creative expression, and insight, inspiring our artistic and intellectual endeavors. We can pray for her blessings at any time—especially at the beginning of significant undertakings—by reciting, listening to, and meditating on the Sarasvati Gayatri mantra.

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