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Happy Birthday Gurumayi
  • Chapter One: Invoking Grace
  • Chapter Two: Meditation on the Self-Luminous, Blissful, and Imperishable One
  • Chapter Three: Prayer for Peace
  • Chapter Four: Adoration of the Guru Principle
  • Salutations to Shri Guru
  • Young Devotees Express their Devotion
  • Gurumayi Sings Her Guru's Grace
  • Recitation and chanting: installing the Guru in one's heart ad extolling the Supreme Self.
  • The Flame of Gratitude
  • Extolling Grace Incarnate
  • Joy Sparkling!
  • Darshan
  • Sweet Offering
  • Blessings
Birthday Bliss Mangos Birthday Bliss Mangos Birthday Bliss Letter Birthday Bliss Dharana

Transcending opposites,
the birthday sun pauses
at its northern zenith and southern nadir.

Embraced by these two points,
we celebrate our beloved Guru’s birthday.
So much Light!
So much Bliss!

Tomorrow the sun sets course
for the zenith of the south,
and the northern nadir.

Love’s constant so’ham
blessing us.
So much Light!
So much Bliss!

a devotee from New York, USA

Thank you for allowing me to experience this amazing darshan daily. It is my practice to view some of the Birthday Bliss chapters and then meditate. No matter what is happening in my life, my heart becomes soft and meditation deeper. I am so grateful.

With love,
a devotee from Minnesota, USA

My Experience was BLISSFUL, and I thank you for sharing your birthday BLISS with me.

We’re always with each other.

a 9-year-old devotee from Walsall, England

I have been contemplating a powerful image and teaching Gurumayi gave in the Birthday Bliss Celebration Satsang on June 24 in Shree Muktananda Ashram.

Gurumayi said that it is our duty to cooperate with the Big Hand, the Great Hand, the Hand of Grace that protects us all. Gurumayi said that this force is eternal, it never leaves us; it stays so close, right within our own heart. The Big Hand contains all the virtues. It is the power that knows. It is our stambha.

What a blessing this image has been for me—the abiding presence, protection, and guidance of the Big Hand. Thank you, Gurumayi!

a devotee from New York, USA