On the Siddha Yoga path, the goddess Mahasarasvati embodies the creative aspect of Kundalini Shakti, the divine power of the universe dwelling in us all. She is the inner power that inspires our own knowledge and insight. It is through her that we grasp spiritual teachings intuitively, speak eloquently, and express our creativity.

The name Sarasvati translates, literally, as “the flowing one.” The goddess is often depicted beside a river while playing the veena, a melodious stringed instrument. Both the river and the veena represent the exquisite flow of creativity Mahasarasvati inspires. The white lotus on which she sits represents a mind purified by meditation. Her japa mala indicates the power of mantra repetition, and the book she holds symbolizes study and contemplation of the sacred teachings.

Mahasarasvati is known as the mother of the Vedas and the goddess of the mind, learning and wisdom. A traditional meditation on Mahasarasvati tells us that she is “effulgent like the moon shining at the fringe of a cloud.”

Traditionally in India, there are holidays dedicated to the worship of Mahasarasvati, such as the final three of the nine nights of Navaratri, and Vasant Panchami, which heralds the season of spring in India. Invoking Mahasarasvati before beginning a new course of study or beginning a new creative project is a time-honored tradition. You may consider invoking Mahasarasvati before sitting down to study Gurumayi’s Message for 2019.

These pages will give you ways to invoke Mahasarasvati’s blessings for your study and creative exploration of the spiritual teachings.

As you connect with the presence of Mahasarasvati within, and deepen your understanding of this divine power, you are invited to share your experience.

Sarasvati Gayatri MantraSarasvati Stotram
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