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Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Both lunar and solar eclipses are of great significance. These are especially beneficial times for performing spiritual practices, such as chanting, meditation, and mantra repetition, and are considered inauspicious times for initiating significant activities. An eclipse is also a time to refrain from traveling or beginning long journeys. If you find that you must travel during an eclipse, then it's recommended that you be vigilant and alert.

In an eclipse, there is a heightened level of energy that impacts both the environment and our own internal environment in many different ways. For example, digestive power is greatly reduced, and therefore it is best to eat lightly. Many animals and birds refrain from eating and are drawn to sleep during an eclipse. It’s a time when nature turns within.

The energetic effects of the eclipse can occur up to 2 or 3 days both before and after the eclipse. Due to the potent energy released by an eclipse, emotions (both positive and negative) can be heightened and mishaps can happen more easily. Therefore, during this time it is important to be especially mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions. In this way we can contribute to the welfare of the whole universe.

An eclipse has a profound inward pull on our consciousness, and so it is an ideal time to do spiritual practice, offering beneficial energy to ourselves and others.

Eclipse Times for 2023

April 20 Total Solar Eclipse
May 5 - 6 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
October 14 Annular Solar Eclipse
October 28 - 29 Partial Lunar Eclipse