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Shri Hanuman

Shri Hanuman’s Great Leap

Based on a Story from the Ramayana

Shri Hanuman's Great Leap - Chapter IIShri Hanuman's Great Leap - Chapter III
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I love the story of Hanuman, devoted servant of the Lord. Hanuman met with many obstacles as he flew to find Sita and reunite her with Rama, but recognizing that his mission was a divine mission, he faced them all with courage and wisdom.
As I work on my projects in seva and in the world, I often meet with obstacles and take the example of Hanuman in facing them. I can recognize it all as part of my spiritual journey, connecting me to the Lord of all, within and without.

California, United States

What really stood out for me in this chapter of the story is that Hanuman’s problem seemed insurmountable, just as my problems sometimes do. But I understand that sometimes the Lord is manifesting as a problem, and if I use the abilities he has equipped me with, I will find the solution to the problem.

I loved when the demoness said, as she revealed herself as the goddess, “You have used your wits.... May you achieve your goal!” I feel that if I, like Hanuman, use my abilities and have faith, I too can achieve my divine mission.

Georgia, United States

Every night, I read “Shri Hanuman’s Great Leap” to my grandson, and he loves it. He looks forward to each new chapter. Last night he said to me: “Grandmaman, read me again the story of Shri Hanuman.”
I know that my Guru’s grace is always, in all ways, with me and my wonderful family.

Mersin, Turkey

I was amazed by this tale! I felt as though I was there, as though I was soaring and landing with Hanuman and as though I was serving my Guru with the same deep devotion as he was serving Lord Rama.

I am grateful to Gurumayi for inspiring me to pursue my duties as an offering to the Lord with all my heart.

Rome, Italy

When I read, “To have this opportunity to serve his Lord was pure delight,” my heart responded, “Yes, the most wonderful of all opportunities!” 

I am so grateful for this jubilant rendering of “Shri Hanuman’s Great Leap.”

Missouri, United States