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Shri Hanuman

Shri Hanuman’s Great Leap

Based on a Story from the Ramayana

Shri Hanuman's Great Leap - Chapter IShri Hanuman's Great Leap - Chapter II
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I am so grateful for this uplifting chapter. I was in the middle of a challenging seva task when I stopped to read it. After reading it, I felt lighter and inspired to follow the teachings in the story—to make a firm intention, draw forth strength and courage, persevere with the task, and always know “how can I not succeed when I am in the service of my Guru?”

Heckmondwike, United Kingdom

This story is a wonderful example to me of true discipleship. I pray that I may be like Hanuman and follow my Siddha Guru with the same tenacity and humbleness.

Lightwater, United Kingdom

“How could I not succeed when I am in the service of my Lord?”
When I read Hanuman’s words, tears came to my eyes. I felt my own longing to serve, as well as the doubts that I sometimes experience when the way forward looks difficult. I felt so inspired by Hanuman’s faith and conviction that his Master’s grace would give him everything he needed to complete his mission. As Hanuman described the qualities that Rama’s grace drew out in him—firm intention, flexibility, perseverance, patience—I could touch those same qualities in myself, and a prayer arose that I might attain as much strength of devotion and dedication to my own life’s mission as Hanuman displayed for his. With grace, I feel all things are possible. How can I not succeed when I am in the service of my Lord?

Massachusetts, United States