Announcing a Siddha Yoga Teaching Visit
to Poland with Swami Umeshananda

September 28, 2017

Dear seekers,

It gives me tremendous joy to share with you that a Siddha Yoga teaching visit to Poland with Swami Umeshananda will be held in October 2017!

This historic event is Gurumayi’s initiative. Swami ji’s visit will be a wonderful expression of Gurumayi’s connection to, and love for, the Siddha Yogis in eastern Europe.

Gurumayi has given this visit the title:

Intention, Chanting, and Meditation

Participants will explore these three essential practices with Siddha Yoga meditation teacher Swami Umeshananda.


Gurumayi visited Poland in April 1996 as part of the Mahayatra Teaching Tour of 1995-1996. Many Siddha Yogis and new seekers from Poland and neighboring countries in eastern Europe attended the satsangs held there. For over twenty years they have studied the teachings and engaged in the spiritual practices that Gurumayi taught them in that first visit, and their efforts have born great fruit. Since then, new seekers have been introduced to the Siddha Yoga teachings, and the lives of many have been transformed through the power of grace and self-effort.

Under Gurumayi’s guidance, Swami Umeshananda has cultivated a connection with the Siddha Yogis in eastern Europe over the years—through teaching visits, correspondence, and retreats. I was one of the managers for the teaching tour in 1995-1996, and I am delighted to offer seva once again as Tour Manager.

Each one of us, wherever we live in the world, can participate in this teaching visit by offering our blessings as we recite Shri Guru Gita, chant, and meditate. And we can share our blessings and good wishes on the Siddha Yoga path website.

Intention, Chanting, and Meditation: A Siddha Yoga Teaching Visit to Poland with Swami Umeshananda will be held in Serock, near Warsaw, from Saturday, October 14 through Sunday, October 22. Each day there will be Siddha Yoga teaching and learning events, including Shri Guru Gita recitation, question-and-answer with a Siddha Yoga meditation teacher, chanting, and meditation. The Global Siddha Yoga Shaktipat Intensive in honor of Baba Muktananda’s Mahasamadhi will be held on October 21, 2017.

For more information and to book accommodations, you may follow this link.

I invite you to share the news of this historic event with your friends and family.

Warm regards,

Kunti Giron
Tour Manager

  About Kunti Giron

teacher photo

Kunti Giron began practicing the Siddha Yoga teachings in 1978, in Los Angeles, California. She offers seva as an SYDA Foundation staff member and is currently serving as the overall Tour Manager for the Siddha Yoga Teaching Visit to Poland with Swami Umeshananda.

Kunti also served as an SYDA Foundation staff member from 1980 through 2001. During this time she served in various leadership positions in the SYDA Foundation, and from 1995 to 2000, she was the Tour Manager for Gurumayi’s Teaching Visits. Kunti is also a Siddha Yoga Musician.

She lives in Hurleyville, New York, with her spouse, Bhanu Meckler.

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