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The Shopkeepers and the Accountant

Stories on Gurumayi’s Message for 2019

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This story is helping me see that at times I have tended to resist my mundane activities and challenges as if they are obstacles to moving forward in my sadhana and to experiencing joy. But here I’m seeing that perhaps the natural way to move forward on the spiritual path is to perform these daily duties as selfless service. I could perform my duties without complaint, with trust that I can listen for the Guru’s guidance within. With this insight, I am beginning to understand that my mundane responsibilities are the path, that through them I can pay attention to my inner connection with the Self, with the Guru, as she mysteriously guides me.

New York, United States

This story reminds me of how in sadhana it may seem that I am not making much progress, but then something will happen, and I will see that actually I have made progress. By doing my practices and trusting I am learning, I experience those "I see" moments.

Versoix, Switzerland

When I read this story the word enjoy came up.

For me enjoy means consciously taking pleasure in actions. This year, while offering seva, I have decided to become aware of the joy that springs forth as I perform various actions.

When my mind becomes crowded with thoughts and occupied with busyness, I consciously whisper, "Enjoy. Enjoy."

This has allowed my mind to stay present to the experience of joy around me, such as in the beauty of the sunrise and flowers, in tastes, and in the sound of musical instruments.

I offer my gratitude to Gurumayi ji for guiding me to experience the abundant joy that resides in each activity.

Sydney, Australia

After I read this story, I went about my day. Then, when I started worrying about some things, I stopped myself from worrying by remembering Gurumayi’s Message and by focusing on the Hamsa mantra.

I then realized that remembering Gurumayi’s teachings in this way is like the way the sensei’s sword in the story hit his student as he was doing his daily tasks. Gurumayi’s teachings are like a sword of the Self, reminding us of our true nature, our inner light. And following her teachings makes us spiritual warriors, since doing so sheds light on our awareness and allows us to experience who we truly are.

California, United States

This story renews once again my gratitude for having the Guru in my life. With her knowledge and great compassion, she guides me to transcend my limitations. And with her divine vision of the Truth, she brings me beyond my concepts about how sadhana should be.
I feel so fortunate and blessed to be her student!

Milan, Italy

This story arrived with perfect timing for me, since in the last few months I have been studying Japanese culture, history, and language, and taking taiko drum lessons. So I appreciated even more how the story emphasizes the virtues of patience, one-pointedness, and discipline, and the importance of the student’s love for the teacher, the sensei—the Guru!

Colorado, United States