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November 2021

Gratitude - A path to Beatitude

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After reading this poem, I felt elated to the core of my being. This divine prasad from Gurumayi has brought me sweet remembrance of my blessings.
To begin with, Gurumayi taught me the art of gratitude. I am thankful for being able to breathe freely, knowing that my Guru is always present in my heart. I appreciate having the understanding that I am always connected to my Guru through daily sadhana. In byzantine situations, I perceive Shri Guru's hand over me as a symbol of her protection and presence, and I am grateful for it.
On a daily basis, I offer heartfelt gratitude to Gurumayi for the priceless gift of shaktipat diksha, which has changed my destiny. This simple yet profound practice affords me wisdom and tremendous contentment when making important decisions at work or in general. And Gurumayi's teachings inspire me to value and adore nature as an integral part of my life.

The Houghton, South Africa

Gurumayi's magnificent words of divine inspiration could not be more timely for me personally. It is as if she has lifted the curtain that hid the sunlight from me. I had forgotten the teachings about gratitude completely, and to have them represented to me by Gurumayi in words of such power and authority is the greatest grace.
I am always so amazed at how Gurumayi composes poetry and presents her teachings in such an original manner, with such beautiful words and images. There is nothing like this anywhere else. I thank God every day for my Guru.

Kilsby Rugby, United Kingdom

What a glorious Thanksgiving gift! It allowed me to spend Thanksgiving enveloped in the fullest and most gracious loving energy, with a heart about to explode with gratitude, love, and joy for life. And it reminded me of the grace that's all around me and always present.
When my mother visited me, she listened to it. I told her she was my blessing, and she said she was grateful for being born with a heart that loved to give. And she certainly was! As we listened to Gurumayi’s poem together, our hearts connected, with love and gratitude flowing in and out of our hearts in all directions.

New Jersey, United States

I was deeply touched by the power, beauty, and eloquence of this poem. Each word imprinted deeper gratitude in my heart; I still feel the words echoing in my being. Gurumayi's love for us is so palpable, it brought me to tears, as did the beauty of her words. 
I am so grateful to Gurumayi for this reminder to be our most authentic selves and to live through the heart with kindness and gratitude.

Samara, Costa Rica

I found such truth and brilliance in this poem! As I read this, I wish everyone on the planet could read this as well.
I suddenly am deeply aware of the profound privilege it is to be here reading this poem again now, and for my own heart to experience recognition in these words because of the effect of Gurumayi's divine guidance and love. My gratitude for these gifts knows no bounds and cannot be forgotten or obscured by the small, ephemeral problems of life. Reading this poem made me shed joyful tears as my love and gratitude simply overflowed.

Georgia, United States

When I heard this poem from our beloved Gurumayi, every phrase was so potent that I felt as if I were experiencing its hidden meaning. During every musical interlude I savored that same meaning, absorbing it deeply inside. The feeling of gratitude warmed my heart, leaving me feeling estatic and loved.

Rome, Italy

Listening to Gurumayi's words on this special day today was a blessing and a gift. My heart is brimming with gratitude, love, and deep surrender to my Guru, Gurumayi. It was almost as if the Guru had encompassed my past, present, and future within these words and phrases, as she carefully reminded, reiterated, cajoled, guided, and taught me about life's truths.
The gems of wisdom and the nuggets of deep understanding shared by Gurumayi in this poem make me refresh my resolve to see the goodness in every situation of my life, and to feel gratitude for it.

Mumbai, India

When I read Gurumayi’s words, “my trusted good souls,” I actually felt like one—like a “trusted good soul.” The next breath I took felt different— freer. In that same moment, I realized how much I have allowed negative internal messages to impact my life. To that tape-loop of negativity, I now say, “You have had your way long enough. You are now permanently dethroned by my Guru’s love.” 

West Vancouver, Canada

This poem affected me strongly, bringing tears to my eyes again and again during this blessed day. For months I have been feeling this “thick, almost impermeable membrane” of guilt for having harmed Mother Earth deeply and irreversibly, and I felt this was “irredeemable.” I pray to find a way out, to be careful that this would never happen again, to stay on the right path.
When Gurumayi assures me that “your prayers have been heard unequivocally / and your heart has been restored to its original state of being,” I embrace the grace in these words, which is so huge that my system literally is too small to comprehend it. Yet my heart knows the immense power of the Guru's words, and that they refer to “lifetimes of false being and behaving.” I feel that I would need to inflate my grateful heart to be as big as the universe to hold such grace!

Hindelang, Germany