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  • April 2023
  • April 2023

One Powerful Word

One Powerful Word
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The English word astute came to mind as I read and absorbed this inspiring and beautiful essay on goodness. It not only describes this outstanding quality of the writer, but also inspires me to “awaken” and put forth this same great quality in my own life. 
I associate astuteness with sturdiness and steadiness in deciphering and adhering to what exactly it is that I would like to extract from any moment, and to be able to focus on and give life to that. In my sadhana and life right now, this is what I’m waking up to. This is what I’m drawn to and am studying more and more deeply: the fact that I have a say in what happens, I’m the active agent in my life with so much to say. I see such power in what I can actually do with my focus and attitude, all of which is so astutely assembled and expressed in this illuminating essay.

Oslo, Norway

This inspiring text helps me to avoid falling into the trap of dissatisfaction and to honor the richness of each present moment. Even when life seems to be challenging, a simple ray of sunshine can cleanse my mind and make me experience that life is good. In short, I realize that goodness dwells in the heart.
To keep enjoying goodness, I have to cultivate it with my mind and remain on my inner path—the path of God, which leads to the Truth and makes my life good.

Rodez, France

I am so grateful to read these words because what they focus on is one of my most favorite teachings from Gurumayi. Ever since January 7, when I participated in the satsang honoring the 51st anniversary of Shri Guru Gita, I have put this teaching into action.
Whenever someone asks me, “How are you?” I say, “Good.” No matter what the day has brought me, I simply say “Good.” And then I feel good. It is so simple, and for me so powerful. 

Obing, Germany

I love being reminded of Gurumayi’s words from January 7! Just yesterday I was thinking of that satsang—that day of goodness, that day of kindness, that day of God’s love. No one has asked me for a while how I am feeling, but if someone were to ask me, I would most definitely say “Good” and do my very best to try to stay in that vibration.

Hørsholm, Denmark

This essay is a great example of what I love about the Siddha Yoga path. We love to take all things to the highest vantage point and this is what makes the “ordinariness” of any moment special. Yes! Nashivam vidyate kvachit, indeed!

Porto, Portugal

This long reflection is very precious to me. It helps me to deepen my understanding of Gurumayi’s teachings and, above all, it inspires me to practice them with simplicity in my daily life.

Annecy, France

I am very grateful for this clear reflection on Gurumayi’s guidance and on ways for us to reflect on and be present with the word good. Once again, when I opened the Siddha Yoga path website, I found solace and inspiration. My heart is full.

New York, United States