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I have learned so much from reading “Assimilation,” realizing first and foremost how this practice has been missing from my sadhana.

I reflected on how often I race from one activity to another and in the process lose the essence and true joy I could experience if I only took a moment to pause in between.

This essay on assimilation reminds me to stay with my breath and repeat the mantra inwardly as I move through my day.

Florida, United States

What a loving and tender experience I had while reading about the precious practice of assimilation as it relates to our sadhana.

I put on one of my favorite fragrances and let the music from Remembrance enter my being as I read. I closed my eyes and was transported to different locations—the places I had been when I first discovered the Siddha Yoga teachings and practices we received this year. Transported back to those moments, I returned to the wonder and appreciation of the new experiences.

On my walks now, I have been reflecting on Gurumayi's teachings and noticing the scent of jasmine, citrus blossoms, and salty air. I feel grateful, grounded, and free.

South Melbourne, Australia

I often hear my inner voice telling me “You’re not doing it right” or “You’re not as disciplined as you should be.” In reading “Assimilation,” I became more relaxed and began to notice all the Siddha Yoga practices I had performed and all of Gurumayi’s teachings I had digested.
With this realization, my inner voice changed and is now telling me: “You’re doing okay!” And I gave myself a little pat on the back.
I am grateful for “Assimilation,” for it has allowed me to pause and reflect on my life and my inner growth.  

Eastbourne, United Kingdom

As I reflected, I realized that I seem to have been "cramming," so to speak, for some spiritual exam. There have been so many gems on the Siddha Yoga path website, and I have found myself rushing through them to make sure that I don't miss the next one! Thanks to this beautiful essay, I now realize that I have not taken the time to really breathe and absorb the stories, bhajans, and other gifts that the website has been offering on a daily basis.
Fortunately, I have taken time to journal and in doing so, have had some profound reflections this year. Now my intention is to take more of my time for the practice of assimilation, so that I can allow future website gifts to seep more deeply into my being—like the gentle process of “drip irrigation” that Gurumayi has spoken of.

Delaware, United States

Lately, my mind's been galloping in all different directions. Last night, it occurred to me that it's been a while since I've journaled. So I decided I would return to my sadhana notebook, and revisit "Gurumayi's Guidance" to help me slow down through contemplating. Then this morning, I find this essay called "Assimilation." A coincidence? Hardly! 
First I listened to the soothing musical offering, resting my head on what felt like a soft, silky pillow of sound. Then I read the exquisite essay. I understood that a subtle, yet rigorous, effort is necessary in order to assimilate Gurumayi’s teachings. I recognized that, when I rush to try to take in too much at once, I am bypassing that essential effort.
So this reminder of Gurumayi’s guidance about the value of pausing, returning my attention to my breath, and employing scent and sound will certainly help me in slowing down, anchoring myself, focusing my attention—in order to fully assimilate the teachings and to grow more deeply in understanding.

Colorado, United States