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  • Baba's Birthday 2024
  • Baba's Birthday 2024
  • Baba's Birthday 2024
  • Baba's Birthday 2024
  • Baba's Birthday 2024

Mere Baba Muktananda

Mere Baba Muktananda
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As I chanted this namasankirtana, I gazed at the depiction of Baba’s statue in silhouette against the night sky at Gurudev Siddha Peeth. My heart melts in gratitude for what Baba has given to me through his grace, and what he continues to give to me and to humanity through the Siddha Yoga path. All cares dissolve and my heart becomes one with Gurumayi’s as we chant Baba’s name together.

Virginia, United States

Today, when I visited the Siddha Yoga path website, my heart leapt with joy and gratitude—which often happens. I love listening to this recording of this namasankirtana because it feels like Gurumayi is singing directly to Baba. And as I listen, Gurumayi’s devotion for Baba inspires my own. I experience this namasankirtana as an invocation, as a prayer of love. I feel like it is asking Baba Muktananda to bestow his shakti, his knowledge, and his grace upon us.

Singing Mere Baba Muktananda is, for me, like receiving a caress on the face or an intense hug. It is a balm for my heart, an eternal love story.

Naples, Italy

Yesterday evening, May 15, before the sun had set, a massive rainbow arched over the skies above Shree Muktananda Ashram. It stayed there for a while—a good half-hour, I’d say—and during this time there were brief periods of light rain and then of the sun shining through the clouds. The rainbow was a perfect half-circle from my vantage point, and it looked as though it were embracing the entire Ashram grounds.
At one point, I checked the time. It was early evening here, which meant that in India, Baba’s birthday was dawning. The rainbow must have appeared while the morning Arati was being sung in Gurudev Siddha Peeth.

a staff member at Shree Muktananda Ashram

It is so incredible and beautiful to hear this chant and to chant it along with Gurumayi. The shakti is so strong and uplifting, and I remember, “I have met a living angel on this earth!”

North Carolina, United States

After I participated in the wonderful satsang in honor of Baba Muktananda’s Birthday, I continued chanting Mere Baba Muktananda, both silently and out loud. I did so while walking in the green, springtime forest, as I watched the trees and seemed to hear the soft breeze whispering the mantra. Following this satsang, I have been experiencing a state of great joy.

Horsholm, Denmark

Hearing and chanting Mere Baba Muktananda makes me feel that my heart can be peaceful even during challenging times. Baba’s name is truly a gift to humanity, and the opportunity to chant his name along with our beloved Gurumayi is heavenly.

Rome, Italy

This chant was so beautifully profound for me, both in the satsang via live video stream this morning and again, on this evening of Baba’s lunar birthday! It felt like my years in Baba’s Ashram and in his company all came flooding back to me. I don't cry easily, but during this chant I could feel the tears opening up my heart. I was sitting in Baba’s company once again and chanting together with Gurumayi and all my fellow sadhakas while experiencing immeasurable love and grace. 
I am so grateful for this experience!

California, United States