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Birthday Bliss

Sadguna Vaibhava – Splendor of Virtues
Virtues from Gurumayi for Birthday Bliss

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This morning in meditation I focused on the virtue of trust. As I consciously connected with this virtue, I started to feel deeply rooted inside my heart. At first my reflection was along the lines of trusting that “one day I will experience God within.” But after a short time I felt that this statement was not fully harnessing the power of this divine virtue. 
I saw that I was trusting that a future experience would happen, but that to fully make the most of this virtue in meditation, I needed to invest all of my trust in the Siddha Yoga teaching “I am That”—and to do so here and now, to trust that in this moment “I am That.”
Immediately the frothiness of my mental activity subsided and I was able to focus intently on my breath and the Hamsa mantra. I became steeped in a deep tranquility and a powerful sense of connection to the universal Heart.

Guildford, United Kingdom

Trust to me is that feeling I have that, even when nothing seems to be quite right, I know it’s happening for my good. I trust that my Guru is with me all the time and hence, I am fearless and balanced as I make the effort to do what is correct selflessly. My trust in my Guru is the foundation of my life. 

Indore, India

My teenage daughter was invited to offer seva for the SYDA Foundation. I was fearing that she would turn down the offer.
As I reflected on the virtue of trust, I remembered past Siddha Yoga Family Retreats at which we all studied the story, “TRUST is Sacred,” about the key to happiness that the Creator hides within the heart of every person—until they are ready to find it. I remembered that I learned this lesson with my other daughter years ago. It turned out to be exactly true—she sought out the Guru when she was ready. 
Seeing this virtue on the website today reminds me to have this same trust with my younger daughter. It helps me to breathe easy. 

Washington, United States

I trust that, as Baba assured us in his spiritual autobiography, Play of Consciousness, “our lives are under the protection of the Siddhas.” I trust that Gurumayi, Baba, and Bade Baba are always present throughout my day. And I trust my heart because I trust them and my parents’ teachings that led me to them.

California, United States

Trust feels like the foundation of the spiritual quest: trust in God, trust in the grace of the Guru, trust in the efficacy of the teachings and practices of the spiritual path, trust in life.
And where does all this trust reside? For me, it starts with trust in my own Self, for if I cannot trust myself, how can I really trust anything else? And where does this kind of trust come from? My experience is that it comes from God, who shows me everything I need to know, when I become quiet and look inside my heart. It comes from the Guru, who showed me I can trust myself when she gave me shaktipat. It comes from savoring the teachings and the practices. It comes from life—from offering my best in a sustained, little-by-little, selfless way, and seeing that in their own time, these efforts come back to grace me.
Trust, gifted and earned. Trust. I am forever grateful.

Hawaii, United States