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Baba's Teachings

Savoring Baba's Words
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It is the time for encouraging people to vote in my town. As I was going around, hanging posters and knocking on doors to talk to potential voters, I found that a shyness and sense of vulnerability would arise in me just before I knocked.
Then Baba's teaching to always remember the Self would come to my awareness. This was just so lovely! I was able to overcome my shyness and just embrace the beautiful Self in the other person and greet them with enthusiasm and love. Of course, some people were more challenging than others. One woman seemed to be a really unhappy person and yet I felt that I could shine the light of the Self upon her. I felt that just staying aware of the Self as we talked was a blessing both for me and for her.
It has been very powerful for me to contemplate how to apply this beautiful teaching in my daily actions. I see doing so as “love in action”! 

New York, United States

Baba’s words remind me of a time when I offered seva at the office of the Siddha Yoga Prison Project. The team there asked me to stuff envelopes with the monthly Correspondence Course lessons for incarcerated students. I really loved those lessons and the Prison Project, but I felt very dry doing this task. Something prompted me to look up, and I saw a large photo of Gurumayi on the wall. I began offering my actions to her. Immediately, I felt a rush of joy, and stuffing envelopes became a delight. I was offering my work to the Self in the form of the Guru, and I felt so happy.

New York, United States

As I put Baba’s words into practice, I have become more aware of the task at hand. I repeat the mantra and observe my breathing as I focus on the task. I have experienced silence and one-pointedness. As my day progresses, I have been able to maintain my focus on the Self, the divine energy flowing within me.

Florida, United States

As I looked at the image for “Share Your Experience,” the golden circles, one inside the other and spiraling inwards, reminded me of a hula hoop. As I contemplated the design further, it became a metaphor and a guide for my sadhana. On the one hand, a hula hoop must be kept constantly swinging, and if the motion is stopped for even a moment, the hula hoop will fall down. This is true for me in regard to my sadhana: when I keep the practices constant, I feel one with divine Consciousness.
But hula hooping is also a playful game! If the hula hoop falls down, it can be picked up again. This is true for my sadhana too. If I forget or fail to accomplish a practice one day, I can pick it up the next day. As long as I don't give up!

Hindelang, Germany

Baba's teaching appeared at a very good time for me. For a few days my mind could not focus on my regular meditation practice or on the seva before me. When I read Baba ji's teaching and the commentary on it, that experience guided me back to the practices.
Now, I repeat the teaching of Baba ji’s whenever I feel I am not connected within. This practice helps me to remain connected to my heart. The teaching and the commentary helped me to refocus on my sadhana, and resume my practices with renewed energy.

Nasik, India