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August 1, 2019

Dear readers,

It is delightful to converse with you once again at the beginning of a new month in 2019. On the Siddha Yoga path, every month of the year brings occasions to celebrate, to honor, and to cherish. In this month of August, we commemorate two of the auspicious events that hold great significance for Siddha Yogis around the world—Bhagavan Nityananda’s Solar Punyatithi and Baba Muktananda’s Divya Diksha Day .

On August 8 we celebrate the Solar Punyatithi of Bhagavan Nityananda, or Bade Baba, as he is lovingly called. The Solar Punyatithi is the anniversary of the day in 1961 when Bade Baba completed his journey on this earth and merged forever into supreme Consciousness. A born Siddha, Bade Baba’s blessings uplifted all those who sought refuge in him, at his charana kamal, his lotus feet. In the illustrious lineage of Siddha Yoga Gurus, Bade Baba is the Guru of Baba Muktananda, and Baba Muktananda is the Guru of our beloved Gurumayi.

On August 15 we celebrate the historic day in 1947 when Baba Muktananda received divya diksha–divine initiation–from Bade Baba. This supreme awakening set Baba Muktananda on his path to Self-realization. With the grace of his Guru, Baba ji attained the goal of his sadhana. He became a liberated being, a Siddha who awakened the dormant Kundalini Shakti of multitudes of seekers around the world through shaktipat diksha.

To have the gift of a human life and to receive shaktipat diksha from a Siddha Guru is the golden fortune of a spiritual seeker. Marveling at this exquisitely rare occurrence in my own life–receiving shaktipat diksha from Shri Gurumayi–I pause from time to time to ask myself this question: “What is the significance for me of having received diksha from my Guru?” Perhaps you have also posed this question to yourself. Have you?

As a spiritual seeker, a student of the Siddha Yoga path, and a disciple of Shri Gurumayi, I find that contemplating this question brings into focus for me the blessedness of this singular moment in my life. It strengthens my commitment to follow my Guru’s teachings, to avidly pursue my sadhana, and to realize its goal.


In Sweet Surprise 2019, Gurumayi presented ways for us to practice and manifest her Message for the year in our lives. I wish to highlight here one such way. In her talk, Gurumayi gave us a specific mantra, and described the technique for repeating it. Gurumayi told us that practice of this technique of mantra repetition connects the mind to its true nature, to its own light. Do you recall this talk segment? If not, you may want to participate in Sweet Surprise 2019 once more to refresh your memory of this profound teaching.

A mantra given by the Guru is chaitanya, alive; it is infused with the Guru’s shakti. Repetition of such a mantra bestows divine blessings and makes manifest the intent with which it is repeated.

When I practice the technique of mantra japa that Gurumayi taught us in Sweet Surprise 2019, I feel joy dance within me, and quietude and serenity envelop me. I experience a tangible connection to the Self as my mind bathes in its own splendor. I know with utter certainty that my mind is settling into its own true nature.


The month of August brings still more occasions for us to celebrate.

Raksha Bandhan occurs on August 14 in the United States and on August 15 in India. It is celebrated on the day of the purnima, the full moon, of the Shravana month of the Hindu lunar calendar. On the Siddha Yoga path, during this festival we celebrate the bond of love and protection between Guru and disciple.

August 15 is also Independence Day for India, honoring the day seventy-two years ago, in 1947, when it became a free nation. Powerful forces of external and internal transformation aligned on this memorable day as Baba ji received the sacred gift of divine initiation and India received its political freedom.

Krishna Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna, will be celebrated on August 23 in the United States and on August 24 in India. Some of the ways Siddha Yogis worship Lord Krishna each year are by chanting his name and reciting mantras dedicated to him.


The Siddha Yoga path website this month presents an array of treasures for us to read, listen to, and engage with. It features all the materials that we have been engaging with to support our study of Gurumayi’s Message. In addition, this month you will find insightful articles, videos, photo series, and poems in honor of the sacred Siddha Yoga events I’ve mentioned above. I want to share with you a few of these special attractions:


Mantra japa is a Siddha Yoga practice that we can engage in anywhere and at any time. During this month of August, I plan to focus on practicing japa of the mantra given by Gurumayi in Sweet Surprise 2019, using the technique she teaches us there. And I encourage you to do so too. When we do japa, we fill our minds with the light of divinity.

The great poet-saint Tulsidas of sixteenth-century India was a fervent devotee of Lord Rama. For him the name of the Lord was the mantra that he repeated continuously. Through the use of exquisite imagery, Tulsidas underscores the importance of mantra japa in this couplet. He writes:

राम नाम मनिदीप धरु जीह देहरी द्वार।
तुलसी भीतर बाहेरहुँ जौं चाहसि उजिआर॥

Tulsidas says, if you wish for light to pervade both within and without, then light the jewel-like lamp of the Lord’s name and place it on your tongue—the threshold to the doorway of your being.1



Garima Borwankar

Click here to see the transliteration and meaning of the Hindi couplet by Tulsidas in this letter.


1 English translation © 2019 SYDA Foundation.

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