March 2019

Leading the Senses Toward the Self

The Rasalila: A Mandala of Love

The Rasalila: A Mandala of Love Click here
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As I read how the gopis began to experience Krishna in the trees, the flowers, the birds, and all that surrounded them, I recalled my time at Gurudev Siddha Peeth in the Pilgrimage to the Heart Retreat. I remembered how everything my eyes landed on, everything my heart witnessed, filled me with love and devotion for this path, for our Guru, for God within me and outside me. My heart teemed with such love that I felt it overflowed to all I encountered. The Guru's love, the Guru's grace, were there for me to share with others.

Missouri, United States

As I read these beautiful chapters of the Raslila, I smiled and cried tears of recognition and empathy for the gopis. I thought of the experiences I’ve had of elation, of profound connection with the Guru, often followed by wondering where those experiences that I’d hoped would last forever had gone. The story helped me see how my preoccupations had gotten in the way of maintaining my appreciation of those precious moments.

As I thought about this, like the gopis, I became aware of deep longing to live in the experience of the Guru’s love. I feel more understanding and acceptance that only staying connected with my own heart can provide a truly happy ending for my own tale of longing.

Ohio, United States

What a divine gift this beautiful retelling of Krishna’s dance is. It helps me remember God’s love within, the beauty of God all around, and our natural inclination to celebrate, support, and love each other. Krishna’s kind, gentle, wise, and playful nature is such a beautiful reminder to me to be kind.
Where I live, tomorrow is the spring equinox. This fresh rendering of the ancient story reminds me to let my heart open wider in this new season.

California, United States