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The State of a Siddha

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I’m grateful for Swami ji’s elucidation of the power of the Guru’s presence in the Shiva Sutra “A Siddha lives in total freedom.” Now, many years after first meeting Baba and experiencing his state of freedom, I find that by following the Siddha Yoga path and performing the practices, a sense of freedom has grown within.

Ocean Shores, Australia

“The State of a Siddha”… Just reading these words, I felt the purest joy and love. And Baba’s name means “the bliss of freedom”! It was in chanting his name that I received shaktipat. His name has liberated my being from the layers covering my heart and awareness. His name has created a divine openness within me.
I did not meet Baba when he was still physically on this earth—I met him through chanting his name. He then appeared in my dreams to open me up to the perception of the inner light. In my first Shaktipat Intensive, he appeared again to initiate me into the mantra So’ham and to invite me to understand its meaning.
Later, in my first darshan with Gurumayi, I experienced “I am That”: freedom, joy, and love poured down. Since then, all my spiritual practices deepen this experience.
Remembering the state of a Siddha, I feel my own enthusiasm for life and sadhana, and my own shakti, being enlivened by the Guru’s grace, which is always there, always alive.

Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

As I read in this sharing about the power of meditation, it evoked for me how my own meditation experiences fill me with wonder, awe, and eternal gratitude.
Meditation enables me to dive into a delicious pool of nectar deep in the recesses of  my heart. This deep connection with my inner truth, peace, and bliss lingers and follows me throughout the day. It supports me during the challenging moments of everyday living. This inner connection calms my emotions and mind, helping me to remain centered, especially when important decisions are to be taken.

Montreal, Canada

While reading this letter, I recalled my experiences of daily meditation. The state of freedom, peace, and delight which I experience through my practice of meditation and the grace of Shri Guru remains with me for quite a long time. My goal is to become established in it permanently.
At any time when I feel carried away from this state of freedom by my thoughts or otherwise, I simply remember Gurumayi, Baba, or Bade Baba and repeat the Siddha Yoga mantra; that enables me to re-establish myself in that state.
Thank you, Gurumayi, for providing me with so many effective means and teachings to help me return my mind to its true state.

Udaipur, India

Upon reading Swami ji's words, inspired by Baba’s liberated state, I felt a great wish to meditate. And in doing so, I found my own experience of freedom.

Verona, Italy

As I read this letter, I felt my heart becoming lighter and lighter. Just reading about Baba's state was enough to ignite love and joy. I felt them shining forth from within my own being. I overflow with gratitude for the fathomless bounty of the Guru's grace in my life.

Alaska, USA