• April 2019
  • April 2019

Prana - The Vital Power: Scriptures from the Upanishads

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This verse helps me to lead my mind to the Self.

Some years ago, I experienced that the breath is the treasure of my life. Over time I have been making the effort, again and again, to bring my attention to that simple, essential, and always-available link to the Self, with the intention of developing a constant awareness of the breath. Acting from this divine source, with the support of a regular practice of meditation, I experience a fountain of happiness in the midst of my life.

Rodez, France

As I finish reading these five sacred verses, I find myself in a state of bliss. Oh joyful path, the path of the breath!

California, United States

Reading these verses, I feel that my Beloved has been right here all along as my breath!

Connecticut, United States

As I sit quietly and become aware of my breath, I feel enlivened and humbled by this never-ending cycle I am gifted with. Each inhalation leads me to my heart; each exhalation connects me to all living beings.

Pennsylvania, United States