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Worship of Sparkling Dust

Celebrating Holi Purnima and Dhuli Vandana

While viewing the images, you can listen to instrumental music in the Mand raga.

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Looking at the photographs, I felt a happy sensation bubbling up inside of me in the colors of a rainbow. I am grateful to notice that the joy in the photos and the joy in my heart are the same.

Maryland, United States

What a beautiful, vibrant depiction of the festival of Holi! The raga of the enchanting music is so inspiring and uplifting to me! Within the image of the sparkling dust, I perceive forms of flowers and a nautilus shell. From where I live, I was able to view a huge, orange-shaded moon last night, softly veiled in a gentle mist.
Today I give thanks for my Guru, for Mother Earth, for the tender renewal that spring brings, and for the sparkling particles of Chiti Shakti, the creative source of all this wonder.

California, United States

I loved this exquisite celebration of Holi Purnima and Dhuli Vandana! As the music provided breathy swirls of ecstatic melodies, I drew in the poignant images and enjoyed the interplay of fire in the sky and fire of the earth, the colors of the sky and colors of the earth, sweet and playful murtis of the Lord, and the many colorful blossoms of nature. I focused on the music coming to a gentle close just as the slideshow concluded.
How perfect and uplifting for a beautiful March day, infused by the powerful and peaceful full moon of the past two nights.

Massachusetts, United States

I feel so uplifted as I gaze upon these images of joy and celebration while listening to the music in the Mand raga. In this time of so much concern and uncertainty, how lovely to be able to rest in the joy of the Self together with the global Siddha Yoga sangham. How blessed we are! I am so grateful to have these constant reminders of that joy, always accessible on this website.

California, United States

My heart skipped a beat when I viewed the picture of Lord Vishnu and Prahlad in the gardens of Gurudev Siddha Peeth; it immediately recalled for me my recent visit there for the Pilgrimage to the Heart Retreat. My vision expanded to mentally scan the rest of the garden with fond memories, leading me to enter into a state of peacefulness, longing, and love.
I am grateful for these momentous sparkles of joy and love.

Nairobi, Kenya

What a delight to learn all about this wonderful holiday. As I became absorbed in the music, stories, and images, I felt uplifted and joyous. In fact, this whole day seemed to radiate the joy of the new season-- from the brilliant morning sun and the caressing warmth of the breeze to the amazing orange-crimson moonrise in the early evening.

These experiences have reminded me of the beauty and joy of this path.

Virginia, United States

What a brilliantly luminous gallery of gifts. To me, the colors in these images are stunning and exuberant. These pictures fill my spirit. Each one gives me a glimpse of the flame in my heart.

Oregon, United States

Such a feast of colors, like so many precious gems!
As I looked at the photos, my heart leapt in recognition of the awesome beauty and colors of the Self of all.

Annandale, Australia

On this day, some sadness swept across my heart as I was thinking about a friend who is struggling. I felt lifted out of this feeling into a more buoyant space of light through the photo slide show and the description of Holi. 
Honoring the traditions of the Siddha Yoga path consistently lifts my spirits. I can now offer my friend an energy filled with color and light. 
Thank you, Gurumayi, for bringing these ancient traditions to life for us.  

South Yarra, Australia