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Poetry of Saints


Lalleshwari (c.1320 – 92) was a mystic from Kashmir who composed numerous four-line poems, called vakhs, which means “speech” in the Kashmiri language. Though born to a traditional Shaivite family, Lalla wrote in the local vernacular and, thus, made accessible to all Kashmiris Shaivite teachings that had previously been given only in Sanskrit.

At a young age she met her Guru, the Siddha Shrikanth, who initiated her into the mystical tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. With practice, Lalla reached the state of an avadhuta, rising above all body consciousness. It’s said that at the end of her life, she took samadhi by dissolving into a flame of light, becoming one with the universe.

A Vakh by Lalleshwari

I Entered the Gate of the Sushumna