Honoring Lord Ganesh

In Celebration of Ganesh Jayanti
January 28, 2020

On the Siddha Yoga path, we honor Lord Ganesh as the god of wisdom and the intellect, the lord of auspicious beginnings, the remover of obstacles, and the deity who grants all spiritual attainments. We might invoke Lord Ganesh before starting a new endeavor or whenever challenges arise along the way. In his infinite compassion, Lord Ganesh may sweep away obstacles from our path—or he may grant us the insight we need to be able to remove them through our own self-effort.

The elephant-headed deity Lord Ganesh is beloved in Indian culture, and each aspect of his divine form holds symbolic significance. His huge ears are the instrument of his divine discernment: they hear all prayers, detecting which are beneficial for the seeker and which are not.

In one of his four hands, Lord Ganesh grasps a noose, in another a goad, and with these he guides spiritual seekers down the right path. Lord Ganesh holds his third hand upraised with the palm facing outward in a gesture that dispels fear. In his fourth hand, he holds a bowl full of sweets, symbolizing the wisdom that leads to the bliss of spiritual liberation. The vehicle this celestial deity rides is a tiny mouse, said to represent the mind—which, when disciplined, can be a seeker’s vehicle and can help carry them to the highest goal.

These pages will give you creative ways to come to a deeper understanding of Lord Ganesh and to invoke his blessings.

For all who call upon him, Lord Ganesh grants the strength and insight to overcome obstacles on the path of life and in sadhana.

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