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  • Be in the Temple II
  • Be in the Temple II
  • Be in the Temple II
  • Be in the Temple II

Be in the Temple ® II

About Be in the Temple II

Talks by Teachers & Speakers

Come Back to the Heart
Take Refuge in the SelfProtect Each Other, Embody the Light WithinProtect the Body, Mind, and Heart as a Precious Friend
Reinforce the Bond of LoveStay Steadfast in SadhanaOffer Gratitude, Worship the Guru
Behold the Divine LightPursue Self-KnowledgeHonoring Baba
Chant with IntentionImbibe the Sounds of Ancient IndiaInvoke Auspiciousness
Hear Music, Make MusicStudy Learn Walk the PathProtect the Earth
Carry the Light of the Guru's GraceListen to the Wisdom of the SaintsBuild Your Own Sacred Space


Story of Kaushika and DharmavyadhaStory of the Vanishing MoonStory of the Rabbi and the Master

Stories about Baba Muktananda

Story of Baba Muktananda: Keep serving. There will be enough.Story of Baba Muktananda: The Color of Consciuosness.Story of Baba Muktananda: The Mantra - Baba's Divine ID Card
Story of Baba Muktananda: Valuing the Guru's Word.Story of Baba Muktananda: The Grace Bestowing Power


Dharana: Mahamantra, the Great Mantra.Dharana: The Self, Light of the Universe.Dharana: Gurupurnima.
Dharana: The Mantra Guru Om.Dharana: The Breath, A Wheel of Light.

Siddha Yoga Music

Shriguru SarikhaA Prayer to Shri Guru
Gurudeva Hamara PyaraJyota se Jyota JagaoKarpura Arati
Bhaja GovindamUpanishad Mantrasz


Showers of BlessingsTemple in NatureAn Offering from a Siddha Yoga Sadhana Circle

Siddha Coffee RecipeUpma Recipe